Saturday, August 2, 2008


When we only see life with all its physicality and expect about what the finite things around can do to to us--we will only end up in frustration. Because the world is full of deceptions that if we are not cautious to them--we become victims of our own impulsive judgments. Because by nature, man can easily adapt to what the world adheres him to be. But when we see life as something we can make a better change--not thinking of what the outside world can do us but that what we can contribute to it, then perhaps we can expect change... improvement...and a better world.

We are not supposed to expect too much from life but rather let life finds us capable of making it at least a better one, if not perfecting it. So that we will see our existence not only consists of a cosmic body of physicality that only aims for physical survival. But of soul able to reach beyond the beautiful that is not confounded in the naked eye alone but in the so many abstractions of life like love, kindness and sensitivity.

Only then perhaps, we can stop complaining from life that is full of trials and sufferings and go instead to our innate capability, not confined with selfishness or ego but with the aim for a worthwhile cause ---maybe then life will have fullness and meaning.


yeyen05 said...

nice blog too...^__^ tnx for the visit anyway!

sheng said...

Hi! True, life is full of unexpected things and we can never predict things to happen....But we can always change our own mood of the things happening....

Keith said...

Your thinking soooo complicated for my little mind.

One day I shall pass fom this world, and if I have saved up, will have a hole in the ground to place me. The headstone will read: "Here lies Keith, A simple man who died of complications."

nyl said...

Thanks to you too.Do keep coming back!;)


Yes, we can never predict things with all its unexpected twists but its a matter at all of how we deal with it. Thanks a lot for hopping around!:0)


hahaha!your wit makes me laugh.:O keep it up!yeah, let's not complicate things bro!:O