Saturday, August 9, 2008


It's already 1:30 in the morning and I can't sleep...hayysssh! I am envious of my pretty pet... what a very sound sleep she must have!:0


treen said...

enjaoy life dude.

love said...


mArGa said...

hi there! care 2 ex-link?? juz buzz me! ;)

Nanaybelen said...

hayy...cute naman si pet

Hendrawan said...

that dog enjoy its sleep..
you are right cliff, I took it near mirror..

Panaderos said...

I remember back in the day when I still lived at home with my parents. I loved to gaze at my mother's pet cats while they slept. They sleep without a care in the world. How I wish that we could do the same. :)

Nice post and cute photo. :)

prinsesamusang said...

love the photo. pets are so cute when they sleep! uhm... dog ba yang pet mo?

Nyl said...

oh yeah,life is meant to be enjoyed. Thanks!:)

have linked you..thanks for that.

she's only two months there...yeah, so so cute!haha

really enjoyed its sleep much!

you see i am right..that was your reflection in the mirror not your twin's!haha! now i am thinking of getting the same shot so i can put one in my profile(hek!) you gave me a good idea huh!:)

i am a pet lover but only for domesticated ones...can't imagine to see my environment filled with snakes and other wild mammals!i've already a wild brother, can't afford to have more..haha!

yeah..if only we could care less about the world... but we can make life simple and be happy.:)

yep, its my pet dog. tama ka,ang cute nilang tingnan 'pag tulog...pero pag nangagat na 'di na yan cute!hehe!

Enday said...

cute naman nung aso..
penge ako ng magiging anak nyan..

Avee said...

look at this cutie little one! wow sarap kurutin ng ilong hihi

Samara said...

ang kyut ng aso...

mnel said...

wah! she's so cute! =)

thanks for dropping by my blog the other day. =)

chroneicon said...

ang cuuuuuuutee!!!