Friday, August 8, 2008

how to deal

Today is 8-08-08 , a date some say "a lucky day!" (gudluck sa mga magpapasakal..este papakasal, sa mga mag-oopen ng business, sa mga maglilipat bahay.. pati narin sa mga akyat-bahay (hehe!) sa araw na eto!) Hence, let us not just keep on adhering on old beliefs 'coz regardless of the date, our destiny still depends on our hardwork and good way of living. Anyway, for the job-seekers, to make your fate a real chance of luck, I have here short tips (as promised) on how to deal with a job interview.

One of the most challenging stages of a newly graduate is to succumb ones' self into a job interview. Who knows what kind of interviewer you might have? Would he/she be intimidating or not? Strict or cool? And as all those apprehensions remain clogged-up in your mind, these will only add up a pressure as to how you are going to deal with the interview.

And so to shift your mood, I have here short healthy tips on how to deal with a job interview:

a. Pray (never lose touch that God can perform a miracle everyday).
b. Be calm (don't panic and stop entertaining negative thoughts).
c. Condition your mind ( so that you can answer the questions thrown to you).
d.Be in good posture (this includes your proper attire and gestures).
e. Smile( but don't overdo--in other words, "wag OA or pa-cute).
f. Be modest ( this means don't display a sign of arrogance).

Well, I do hope that these simple tips you will help you somehow! Break a leg!Good luck!! Chow!:)


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