Saturday, August 16, 2008


For those who will be taking licensure examination this year, here are short tips in test-taking:

1. Read and listen to all directions carefully.
2. Read all questions thoroughly.
3. Be sure you know what is being asked.
4. Study all choices before you answer.
5. Eliminate choices you know are wrong.
6. Paraphrase the questions.
7. Think carefully and analytically.
8. Check and review your answers.
9. Never look at other examinees answer nor give answers through any signs or body languages.

Tips taken from the Professional Regulation Commission(PRC)

BUT of course my very last tip is don't ever forget to PRAY!
Goodluck test-takers! Break a leg!:)


prinsesamusang said...

first time ko nga mag take ngayon november eh. tumatanggap pa rin ako ng mga dasal.

Panaderos said...

Great tips on test-taking. I've taken professional certification examinations in two countries. However, in the months and days leading to the test, the candidates ought to keep in mind that as with everything else in life, the keys to success in the examination are FOCUS and PREPARATION.

Keep going through all the review materials. Keep answering all the questions presented on those materials. Keep repeating the process until it hurts. YES, until it damn HURTS! A few months' preparation is well worth it when the potential reward is YEARS of professional success and satisfaction.

My apologies for the long response. Anyway, I have a tag for you. Hehehe Please refer to my blog for the details. It's a pretty simple tag and I think you'll have fun doing it. Take care, my friend. :)

Nyl said...

uu naman, sali kita sa dasal ko, lahat ng magte-take ng board exam this year. we all need each other after all!Goodluck girl!kaya mo yan!:)

you are absolutely correct--focus and preparation are two important factors.Thanks for the additional tips!hehe

and keep repeating the process til it hurts!haha! we all are winners in our own field, just that we need to prove to ourselves na kaya pala natin. dito natin masasabing walang success na napakasarap damhin lalo't pinaghirapan. after all it's worth the hurt, sweat,and will!:)

wow another tag??hmm..allergic na yata ako sa mga ganyan!haha!but don't worry i'll do it. thanks my friend!

hendrawan said...

Nice tips Cliff but, in indonesian language is better for me.. (hi..3x)

Enday said...

hay naku nyl..hehe..meron na po ako nito eh.. toinks!
salamat na din po at naisipan mo akong itag..hihi..