Saturday, November 29, 2008

facts about friends

50% of them know and like you because of the FAVORS you do or did for them;

30% of them have seen you at your BEST;

15% of them shared your PAIN;


ONly 5% knows the REAL STORY of your entire life.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I got hooked to photography lately with flowers in our front yard as my subject.

the budding...

the blooming..
..though it normally exists (but seldom noticed) and yet, i still get to feel amazed with how nature flourish to add beauty to life..i guess it's the miracle therein.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The interview

This is the most touching interview that I've ever heard all my life. Hope it will lift your spirit as you view this.

Click here: "the interview...".

Have a great weekend ahead everyone!Take care :)

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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Caught this little birdie one rainy morning. Must have been feeling cold already, hoping to find warmth or a good shed under the tree leaves. Shot is taken from my terrace where this tree is just some inches away. Well, I could only wish I made a clear shot of this "bird's nest".

I fear for them, nauubos na mga puno natin sa kagubatan. Pa'no na sila kung wala na talaga silang masisilungan.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


A new typhoon is visiting my country. And so we have to deal with a sudden change of weather from sunny to rainy days. The weather being unpredictable too is caused by the global warming that we are now experiencing. May we continue to plant trees and protect our environment before we'll realize that it's too late.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Phonemic Differentiation

Educated Philippine English tends to follow American rather than British pronunciation. English is often the language of choice for reading and writing among educated Filipinos, but it is less commonly used in everyday speech. As such mispronunciation can sometimes occur for English words whose spellings differ significantly from their correct American or British pronunciations.

Here are examples of common mispronounced words:

*margarine (mispronounced with hard "g" as in get instead of the "j" sound or soft "g" as in gem).
*lead ( as in lead pipe, mispronounced to sound like "lead", meaning leadership, instead of sounding like "led")
*lettuce ( mostly pronounced as spelled, which is very common to us Filipinos, instead of sounding like "letis").
*climber ( when silent b is sometimes pronounced).

Most of the peculiarities of Philippine English pronunciation have to do with the lack of certain sounds in the indigenous Philippine languages. For examples, the sound of the short "a" (as in "cap"), short "o" ( as in " cop"), and short "u" ( as in cup) are often merged into the same sound like the "a" in the "father".

But whether we have gone far or not in our use of the English language, still it's an achievement to us as non-native speakers of the language to be able to compete with the native English speakers globally.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

first time

This is my dog's first time to enjoy the beach. I never thought she could swim..but she did. Perhaps, animals just eventually learn things instinctively. If you still remember this entry. She was only three mos. old there, but now, she's grown to be even more pretty than me!hek!:D

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Critics on Michelle Obama's red dress

So what with the dress?! Is being fashionable obligatory for every President's wife? What an early and yet nonsense criticism!I just couldn't help but react over critics' reaction on Michelle Obama's gown on the Election night. Here's the news: All eyes on Michelle Obama's red dress.

And I was like wowww! Is this how shallow people have become to this day? And that even the subject of our intrigues only goes to prove that we have become too vane and skin-deep. We care so much on the physical aspect that we forget about real issues that concern people even more. I despise these people and neither will I apologize for my strong reaction against these critics. And I don't care if they're the most well-dressed and fashionable people on earth.

Can't we have more meaty issues other than talking about things that are skin-deep?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

raindrops on a leaf

"I thank you God for the rain."

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Will it be Obama or McCain?

A day to go and it's election day in America. I can now feel the hotseat for the two opposing parties. Will it be Obama or McCain? Elections never excite me. And I won't even wonder why. Although it's good to see new leaders and new governance, still one fact remains~ leaders only have two options, they can either be criminals or saints to the appeal of the masses. But of course, who would want a corrupt leader? or a violator of its own laws?

And to all voters: Who you vote today will reflect on how your country will appear tomorrow. And so vote carefully. Well, I can only wish America a real good luck.. though I wish doubly the same for my country Philippines.