Monday, August 18, 2008

My second step towards meme...

This my 2nd tag from Panaderos (thanks my friend!). It's called "6 x 4" meme since for each of its six questions, the blogger is asked to provide four answers. However, as I read the mechanics, I've been thinking really hard enough(LOL) where on earth will I get my 4 answers for each..haha! But as promised to a very good fellow, I'll give it a good try.

Here are the meme's rules: Click copy/paste, type in your answers and tag four people in your lists! Don’t forget to change my answers to the questions with that of yours.

1. Four places I go to, over and over:
a. my school where am taking my MA. (no choice!baka sakaling matapos kona..sayang naman ang tuition ko na nagmula pa sa'kin dugo at pawis!haha!)
b. my paternal grandparents hometown (where I enjoy the beach site and fresh air)
c. national bookstore (wala lang, feeling genius!hhehe!)
d. my computer room ( part na ng routine para maka-blog:)
(wow!i think these are the only places i can so far afford to go to!hehe!)

2. Four people who e-mail me regularly: (toinkz!i think this is the most funny!)
a. my friend (not regularly though but can't think of someone halfway) who is now happily married and lives in NM( New Mexico)
b. unwanted email add( don't know what to call them..yung mga di ko alam how they got my email add, ayaw naman magpakilala...nagpapacute lang!hayzzz!)
c. friends online (who often send forwarded emails( nothing personal) yung iba chain letter pa!hehe!
(wala na akong maisip..hehe!)

3. Four of my favorite places to eat:
a. KFC
(i love their burger with fries!)
b. McDonald (binabalik-balikan ko lang po ang coke float with choco dip!slurrppp! esp. when its too sunny and i need a very good refreshment)
c. Mandarin resto- (even when I lack the patience to learn using chopstick(hehe!), I love the chopsuey rice with the contentment of using fork and spoon!hehe!)
d. TAPS (tapsilog, longsilog, bangsilog..lahat ng may -log!) love it there!much cheaper yet busog parin!)

4. Four places i’d rather be:
a. Davao
(my real home)
b. Baguio City
c. Beaches
(particularly Boracay..dream of it with my love)
d. anywhere in Europe (it's good to dream though!)
(nakoww majority answers dream lang!haha!)

5. Four TV shows I could watch over and over:
a. Game Ka Na Ba?
(very educational)
b. World Funniest Videos
c. American Idol
d. Pinoy Dream Academy
(they have intellectual mentors)

6. Four people I think or I hope will respond...

a. enday
b. prinsesamusang
c. keith
d. bloom

Well, answering tags can sometimes be challenging. But the good thing though is that I feel like we're getting to know each other in a slow yet balance pace. God bless everyone!


Anonymous said...

pinangarap ko din yung europe na yan noon. kaya lang naudlut noong magsdecide na akong magpakasal

prinsesamusang said...

sama ko sa KFC!
i just did this tag nahirapan ako mag-isip. tig-aapat kasi!

bloom said...

nyl.. ive done this already. hhahaha.. omg! pero thank you paren for the tag! grabe. ur the 3rd one na to tag me! aahahahaha.

Nyl said...

pwede ka parin naman mangarap kahit married kana diba? never stop dreaming only because you are now in another phase of your life--your married life. kelangan mas dapat pa tayong mag-dream big for our love ones.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment!:)

ganun ba?hehe!ok lang..ako nga rin nahirapan mag-isip..pero enjoy naman kahit papano.:0)

hahaha!am the 3rd one who tag you huh!in-demand ka mareng bloom!hehe!

Keith said...

Nyl, something about the blogospere and these tag memes.... I have avcoided thnem before today.

You have compelled me. I guess, I will just have to think hard on how to "tag" others. I think therein lies my greatest anxiety.

Nyl said...

Hi keith,
no probs with that..and i respect your opinion( including the in between of it where your greatest anxiety resides)over answering tags.

when your philosophies in life gets have my vote for greater respect on that keith.:)

take care..

Mari said...

ako din! coke float at kfc!

Panaderos said...

I also love Game Ka Na Ba and I watch it whenever I'm in the country. (Akala mo naman madalas pumunta. Hehehe)

Fave ko rin ang KFC and I also like longsilog and tapsilog. Hindi ko lang sure kung may TAPS sa Metro Manila.

Thank you very much for doing the tag. I apologize that it took me a while to stop by here and read your response. Much appreciated. Thanks, buddy! :)