Saturday, June 28, 2008

Love letter in the sand..

Once upon a time, love found its way to me through the cyberworld...

To my dearest,

Lately I have just been thinking about my life. I am not certain just how you came to mean so much to be the reason I smile every day. More and more, I feel the desire to be with you, to love you, to hold you. I may not be perfect but I believe that you and I are perfect for each other, even with all of our collective flaws. I am so content with comfortable with you. So I guess I am trying to see that I am so serious about us. I want you and all that comes with you being you. I am happy to be your man, proud to call you my lady.....and soon....I want to call you something else.

Sweetheart I am going to interview for a job this weekend (Friday) in Texas. So although I may not be on much, I am still thinking of you. I hope that this letter puts a huge grin on your face and that you feel that love that emanates from my soul as I write to you.

Say a prayer for me. I love you so much!

With my love and devotion,

*****Unfortunately, that love didn't pursue. All his letters remain like love letters in the sand. All been easily wiped out by the splash of the sea wave. And though it hurts, there are just love that's never meant to be.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baa, baa black sheep..

"Baa baa black sheep have you any wool,
Yes sir!yes sir! three bags' full.
One for my master, one for ------------"

I was singing this nursery rhyme while cuddling my eight months old niece. And I was like stunned to have realized that I actually do not memorize this nursery rhyme. And so I just sing "" to continue my drive to sing at that moment. Wow!"twinkle, twinkle, little star" lang po talaga ang alam ko. hehe! Looking back to my elementary days, I don't recall at all what else were the nursery rhymes taught by my teacher then. I only learned more about this kind of song when I begin to deal with kids. Or isn't it that I have grown to be forgetful already? Imposible naman kasing bigla nalang akong nag-high school at di man lang naranasan kumanta ng nursery rhymes di'ba. No doubt I was not paying much attention back in my early days.:)

Kayo, anong nursery rhymes ang favorite nyo? You will realize that once you get to have your own baby. Parents will always be the first and last teachers.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

how much do you pray?

For quite awhile, my mother's stay at the hospital for days got me back to the feeling of rationality. I prayed like it was my last. (Thank God! she has now recovered.)

When life's greatest trial hits us all the way leaving us feeling so helpless, our natural resort as believers is down on bended knee , while our hands in clasp, we seek for God's divine intervention. A strong grip over our faith so that we can still hold on to life. Even when we have not yet inched our way to God, He knows already what's in our mind and heart. Yet as human, when all our prayers and wishes have been lifted and as we go back to the real world outside our churches, facing the actual dilemmas of life and when things are too much to bear, there seem still undeniably a tinge of doubt and fear inside of us. When it feels like prayers don't seem enough that we so want an answer right away.

Perhaps, we even come to ask ourselves "how far have I really entrusted my faith and strength to God? And that even if I have gone surrendering my worries and fears, still couldn't help but feel delusional." Was there really total surrendering on my part? These are questions that even to myself , I so want to contemplate.

"When God showed a big rock and asked us to push it, He didn't mean that we really have to move the rock..He only meant we simply push it while He does the moving." A simple instruction that requires total surrendering and obedience.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

fish or fishes?

Don't know what kinds of fish are these..hehe!
In English grammar, the plural form for "fish" is still "fish". In other words, we do not add -es to the noun "fish" to make it plural. To define a group of fish is to say "a school of fish".

oh mga bata! sana may natutunan tayo ngayon mula sa isang munting kaalaman tungkol sa tamang gamit sa inggles ng maraming maraming FISH!

hanggang sa muli!;0)

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Path

"You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself"

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Catching the sunset

"I am not good in photography but I simply love nature.
And as I captured the sunset, the tree paved its way..."

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Bystander,according to , is a person who watches but does not take part ; a nonpartipant spectator. In tagalog we may call it "tambay" and we associate it with being jobless. An onlooker who only perceives but does not act.

In the Philippines, out of million Filipinos, I guess we have half or more whom we consider as "tambay". For so many reasons that I no longer would want to elaborate. Are we going to point our fingers on this to the government? well could be, but not totally though. Talking about governmental issues is the most tiring , nonsense thing in the world for me. They simply suck! Anyway, I only mean that we don't put all the blame to the government the stern poverty that we're facing because only us can change the course of our fate. The government will just be onlookers...a by chance spectators of what we can do for them than what they can do for us.

Looking at the Philippine setting today, I wish to mourn for all Filipinos who belong to the poverty line...I am infact not an exception to that! If even employed ones would fall in line under the scorching heat of the sun only to avail the lowest variety of rice-- NFA, how much more are the thousands of us who belong to being jobless and earns very little to sustain our daily and very basic needs! We produce many graduates each year and yet I guess only 15% get to be employed. The rest remains "tambay" still waiting for their own pot of gold.

If this crisis on the oil and rice hike will not be resolved. I can no longer imagine what will become of the Filipino people a year or more from now. Happy person baya ko oi, pero sa ako nakita sa ako palibot, magguol naman pud ta maghunahuna oi!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

nursing ang kurso ni doc at maa'm

di ba nakakalito yun? doktor kana nga tapos nag-nurse ka pa? which is which? eto po'y isang simpleng one plus one equals two lamang. isang doktor na kelangan kumuha ng kursong nursing dahil in-demand sa abroad. doktor ka nga eh wala ka namang pera na sapat para maabot ang iyong mas maginhawa pang buhay na pinapangarap. nung una, naguguluhan talaga ako sa ideyang iyan. pero ngayon naiintindihan kona. napanood ko yata ang "caregiver" ni ate shawie. ang galing ng acting ni jhong hilario na isang doctor sa pinas ngunit nurse sa abroad. ayan tuloy, just because he hasn't gotten out from his nerve the profession of being a doctor, sesanti sa trabaho for "insubordination". pero nakaka'touched talaga grabe!kahit ako nasa kalagayan nya gagawin ko pa rin ang tama. buhay ng tao ang nakasalalay eh. si shawie naman teacher na naging caregiver. pilit man nating pikitan ang katotohanan, eto na yata ang buhay nating mga Pilipino. we have become "wanderer" in our very own native land.

nakakalito man ang mga pangyayari sa ating lipunan pero para parin tayong mga tao-tauhan na sunod-sunuran sa bulok na sistema ng ating gobyerno. kung lahat ng skilled workers meron tayo ay magsisilabasan na ng bansa. ano na ang mangyayari sa mga susunod na henerasyon kung lahat ng doctor at guro ay magiging caregiver at nurse sa bayan ng mga banyaga. Hanggang kelan tayo alipin? kapait!;0(

Sunday, June 1, 2008

a lousy sermon's greatest lesson

I could no longer recall when was the last time I woke up early to hear Sunday mass. But this morning,I did. My heart's telling me that I must.

And so, on one fine Sunday morning, I got myself ready to hear mass. The sermon of the priest went on. But as he ended it..I told myself, "it was a lousy sermon." But then in the back of my mind, I was trying to erase the idea. There is no such thing as lousy sermon, for in whatsoever ways that the priest had made his reflection of the Gospel reading appeared to be..I felt so ashamed and guilty to have realized within me that I shouldn't react that way. I kept telling myself that if I want to be one with God and His people, I must be at the church, feel the Eucharist, regardless of the priest's sermon or the churchgoers' nuisance within the house of the Lord.

And so the next time around, I've learned my lesson. And that I must listen carefully to the message of the Gospel and pay an even more closer concentration with the mass. And that I am in the house of the Lord to renew my faith and strengthen my relationship to HIM, whether the sermon of the priest appears to be lousy or not.

I think it's not about the lousy sermon..but it's about the lousy churchgoer as me. ;0(