Wednesday, August 20, 2008


"Bata, bata paano kana magsalita?"

Time flies so fast and seems to me that the ticking of the clock in this present time doubly runs than the yesteryears. Too much have changed and technology develops without our notice. And most of all, values and traditions are slowly deteriorating. The sad thing is that, because of the sudden rise of the demands of technology, teens nowadays have grown to be even more experimental also brought about by strong peer influence. Influences not in the abode of good moral values but in the helmet of a devastating evil. I wonder how our future generation would appear to be if misguided teens would just be left overcrowding almost everywhere.

One time, I lost my internet connection and so I went to a nearby net cafe. Little did I notice that I am mixed with young ones playing online games. While I was oblivious to them finding them too preoccupied with the games, I couldn't help but notice how their hasty expressions while playing echoed on me like a big cacophony of an angry devil. They hailed, shouted, cursed like true devil's advocate! How would you feel hearing 7-15 yrs. old shouting "bu****t!" or "y***a"(satan's a.k.a in bisayan dialect) for a lot times? Whew! (nalisang ko kadali) Each shout was like a big-bang to my ears. Do the parents of these young ones know exactly what their children are doing outside?sigh!:(

Their irritating exchanged of cursing words made me felt like I was in Dante's Inferno not filled with winged angels but with horned devils. And then I started to wonder what strong implication does it bring to the generation of today. I left after awhile at the cafe with the hope and pray that I will not be hearing my future sons or daughters with demonic expressions as they'll be growing up one day.


Nanaybelen said...

ganyan na ngayon ang kabataan. At hindi lang yan. mga highschool ngayon ang lakas manigarilyo. grabe
mabuti na lang ang mga anak ko -awa ng Diyos ay hindi naman

Mari said...

it's true that a lot of kids utter expletives when they're playing RPGs and other similar online games. maybe, just maybe, they think it's cool to say those words.

Avee said...

was here greeting you happy thursday

prinsesamusang said...

maybe they find it cool. but i think they don't mean the curss they throw, just an expression, a bad expression.

tutubi said...

i know the feeling when indside a netcafe and between rowdy teenagers playing games hehe