Thursday, May 28, 2009

boys over flowers

Another Korean series is hitting the air wave now that I guess will go phenomenal like the Meteor Garden of F4. I don't know if a lot of us are aware of this since this is just another F4 version but we'll just see how much these characters would make the Filipino viewers love them.

However, I do still hope that our Filipino showbiz industry can also produce original series of our own without much franchising on Korean or other films to be known also in other country for our good in filming. Time when it's no longer us tagalizing their series but them translating our series into their own. right?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

blog template

i thought of changing my wall here just for a change. but am still trying to figure it out since as of this moment, i cannot give much concentration in blogging unlike before. there are a lot of things to give much importance to that my time to face the pc becomes too limited.

and so i would like to apologize to my fellow bloggers also for my poor responses and visits to their blog sites.

i am not a computer expert and i have very less knowledge on it, however, i am thankful that in spite of it all, i have met a lot of great people online.

thank you for your warm responses. take care everyone and God bless our endeavors!:)

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Samal Island's Blue Jaz beach resort - Pat II

My cousin chose Blue Jaz Beach Resort in Samal Island as a perfect place for her wedding pictorial. And so for the second time around we invaded the place. No, their wedding was not some kind of Judy-Ryan wedding reception. My cousin's wedding reception was held at the Grand MenSeng Hotel being one of the finest hotels in Davao.

They simply find Blu Jaz beach resort as a wonderful escapade for a couple too in love to each other while they took their great poses as a remembrance.

There they are at the pool...
My mom and aunt's pose at the beach...This one is the sliding area located at the back area near the close cottages...
Their close cottage..

At the field area..
Try and experience a fun-filled adventure at the beach now while summer is still on-the-go!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

how reliable are your researches online?

I was surfing online when one freshly posted news from yahoo caught my attention. "Irish student hoaxes world's media with fake quote". In this advance technology, everything we would want to find out from history to the latest events and issues are just one click away from our pc and voila!!we are fed with interconnected information in just split seconds. Students no longer have long hours of researching from the old books in the school library. They no longer feel that kick in their stomach of making reports and assignments because the latest gadgets almost have it all. BUT, the big question there is that, HOW RELIABLE ARE YOUR RESEARCHES FROM THE INTERNET?Sure thing, students will be even more careful in finding reliable data in the internet after this.

Here's the news:

DUBLIN -When Dublin university student Shane Fitzgerald posted a poetic but phony quote on Wikipedia, he said he was testing how our globalized, increasingly Internet-dependent media was upholding accuracy and accountability in an age of instant news.

His report card: Wikipedia passed. Journalism flunked.

The sociology major's made-up quote — which he added to the Wikipedia page of Maurice Jarre hours after the French composer's death March 28 — flew straight on to dozens of U.S. blogs and newspaper Web sites in Britain, Australia and India.

They used the fabricated material, Fitzgerald said, even though administrators at the free online encyclopedia quickly caught the quote's lack of attribution and removed it, but not quickly enough to keep some journalists from cutting and pasting it first.

Read here.

Private tutor

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

my mother's pot

I took this shot from my mother's pot...

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

And the winners are...

For all the years that I have been into this blogging space, I have not anticipated the moments or instances where I will be taking part (at least) into the lives of my fellow bloggers. To share what needs to be imparted is enough for me. However, along the way, we just have to be grateful that there are people who acknowledge our ways of putting our thoughts together so that we will continue to learn still from each other. The real winner for me each time I receive any awards or recognition is still you, my fellow bloggers. Thank you musang for this very encouraging award. To me, you are not just a princess to the cats you love so dearly but a real princess for your fellow bloggers as well. :)
Here's th rule for passing this award: Accordingly, the recipient of this award is not your everyday blogger, if you visit their blog, one thing for sure, you will learn something (but most of the time, a lot) that really worth the time you spend reading their post. Their post is always well-written, with good grammar,very insightful, inspiring, thought provoking and you always wish that you’ve written it. They always have a great stories to tell, either about life, about themselves, or their family. Once you read their blog, there’s one thing that will stuck to your head, that they are absolutely, no doubt, a Smart Blogger!

* Link the one who gave this award and let them know you posted it.
* Pass this to as many Smart Bloggers as you can think and make sure to write something about them, like what makes you think they are Smart.
* Let them know they have an award.

Now, I am tossing this award to pchi, dong, keith and katcarneo. These are truly smart bloggers for me and simply inspire in many ways. :-)

Get personalized!

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Earn and invest online

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pacquiao and his faith vs. Hatton

Another big celebration for all Filipinos for the "people's champ's" victory over his fight with the "hitman" that only took two rounds...ahhh! I am not really a big fan of this kind of game. Well, as a woman, my interest is so far from it. However, I just couldn't help but be in one with the rest of our kababayan for feeling joyful over Pacquiao's another great win.

I guess the only difference between Manny Pacquiao from the rest of his opponents in all his boxing games is that Pacquiao rests his case on God before he starts to play while I see his opponents simply putting their confidence on themselves alone. Well, I don't know about his opponents' faith but what really admires me about Manny is that even if he has trained a lot and has already proven his great ability in boxing, and that each time he's already in the boxing arena, you'll see him really proud of his faith by bowing his head and pray before each of his game.

Here's hoping that in spite of Pacman's success in the boxing field, he'll stay humble and continue to put his confidence in God.