Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ondoy and us..

The tragedy brought by typhoon Ondoy reminds me of the story of Noah's Ark in the Bible. And though this dilemma is an awakening for all of us Filipinos, for all our little and big ways of caring less to our environment, still it helps us unite as one family by means of giving support to each other.

As I contemplate on the impact that the situation brought to us, it seems to me that it's about time that we must know as individuals our role and responsibility to our Mother Earth. This is no longer a moment of pointing fingers to one another but its about time to realize that we all are responsible as God's tenants in this planet. And that we have no right to question God why such thing happens but rather look within ourselves and ask what makes it happen. Sometimes and even most often, our tragedies are made out of our vey own follies.

I continue to pray that in this time of nothingness we'll learn to hold on for what are actually the essentials. So help us God.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


for five years of marriage my best friend along with her husband and one child already lives with her parents. just when she thought that their relationship would grow deeper, things are on the other way around. her parents have always been mean to her husband and been treating him badly. i was with mixed emotion when she texted me last night telling me,"nakahanap na kami ng husband ko ng mauupahan..pwede kaba punta dito sa bahay while we're packing up our things para di ako masesermonan ni mama?". i realized that for all those years that she entered into a married life, her parents have not yet accepted the fact that they have already entrusted their only girl to someone she loves.

my friend will be moving on..not that she wanted to escape from the responsibility that until now she thinks she'll always have for her family even when she's already married..but it's time that her parents too would realize that she has already a family of her own to attend to. i can only hope that their moving on will not break the bond she has with her parents. it may be sad but it's a reality that her parents will have to face.

career path

Talking about career plan in this very competitive generation where all seems to be on-the-go, sometimes I wonder if we have considered the possibilities of whether we choose the right career path for us. Some have become practical in their choices like wanting to work abroad after finishing college or getting enough experience. While others are simply content working in their own native land and salaries do not matter much but the working relationship does. I honestly would prefer the latter one. But sometimes when we no longer have the option with what to choose, we just have to grab what's been laid on our hands.

Just this afternoon I got to talk to a college friend. She was telling me that they are in need of advocacy support staff in their office. She told me about the compensation. Salaries in this present time really do matter whether it's a high-paying job or just a minimum paid job. We were also talking about the job she's into. For ten years now she works as an accountant in that company but then still she doesn't seem very satisfied with the salary she gets. We all have preferences, it's just making a wiser decision I guess.

dream of it!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

how about web hosting?

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Bloggers like me may have been thinking too of the scope that varies in the web hosting services. Many internet service providers may have limitless offers but of course we all want a much detailed yet up-to-date services. Well, we all may not be new technology and computer geniuses but we know so well which web hosting services do serve best and we can differentiate one very good web provider than the rest. I thought of considering a new web page provider that I think will be very beneficial for all who are in search of an internet service provider at its peek.

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