Thursday, August 14, 2008

Davao's Kadayawan Festival

Davao is famous for its Mt. Apo as the Philippines' highest peak; Durian as the king of fruits(of which some tagged to be "smells like hell but taste like heaven"); and Waling-waling as the queen of orchids. It is also a haven of the awesome Philippine Eagle as the national bird.

The bountiful harvest of flowers, fruits and its ethnic culture gave birth to a "Kadayawan Festival" as the folks of Davao's thanksgiving celebration for the abundance of it all. The festivity is held every month of August (every 3rd week of August) as a long week celebration of the lumads of Davao. Kadayawan festival showcases a lot of performances by the Davaoenos including float parade and "Katutubo" dance contest as one of the highlights of the event while wearing their colorful native costume.

Come to my place now and join us in this remarkable festive!Madayaw Dabaw! Dali na kamo!:)

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prinsesamusang said...

hay gusto ko makijoin diyan! kaso malayo wala akong pamasahe tapos may pasok pa.

tsk. tsk.


next time.

Nyl said...

Hi musang!yun nga, may pasok...pero may next time pa naman so who knows next year's celebration andito kana.:)

Gudluck sa study!

Mari said...

speaking of durian, i haven't really tasted the actual fruit yet. BUT i had eaten candied durian and cream puff with durian filling. masarap!

sheng said...

Wish I could go there and experience the festivities!!! Pangayo nalang ako durian sa imo ha!!! : )

Panaderos said...

I'd love to visit Davao someday even if I'm not really into the durian. Hehehe I've heard a lot of nice things about the place from friends and from a neighbor who has since moved back to Davao.

Nyl said...

sana ma-try mo yung ideal na flavor talaga ng durian..di kolang sure if you'll get to like it esp. the smell of it...ang alam ko nababahoan ang mga manilenyo sa amoy nito.hehe! my first taste of durian was of mixed impression, di ko makuha ang uri ng lasa but then the next time around, aba sumasarap na sya sa panlasa ko. yan yung sabi nila eh, you'll get to love the taste of durian kung uulit-ulitin mo at tiyak daw eh hahahanap hanapin mo!haha! di naman ako durian addict..but i like the taste of it.

hahaha!i love your trying to speak our dialect!sure, pag-anhi nimo diri palitan tika daghan durian( pagpunta mo dito bilhan kita ng maraming durian).hehe!

you'll enjoy the festivity lalo na yung dance contest. try mo next time.:)

Haha!not really everybody loves durian. Why not try Davao as your next destination in your itinerary? well, it seems to me that you have toured many places, sali mo narin ang Davao!hehe!you'll enjoy the simplicity and the tourist spots we have here.