Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Davao's People's Park

Located at the heart of
Davao, this is especially
initiated and built
not only for
the lumads of Davao
but for all tourists.

Being a resident of this city, I am proud to introduce one of Davao's finest parks, the”People’s Park”. It has a very wide area with lots of exciting and wondrous views where people from all ages get to enjoy. Within its boundary,you also get to see artificial bodies of water like waterfalls and riverside. (too bad I wasn't able to give a good
shot of them.:( ..
The People's Park can also be considered to be an eco-park for it has wide range of trees from different variants. The bountiful blessings that Davao has for its abundance with natural resources is also being showcased by the park leaving prints and symbols of its very own artifacts (like statues of Datus and tribes of Davao).

The cone-shaped of one building's rooftop situated inside the park ( from the entrance) brings attraction too. With all the bounty of natural resources and great tourist spots that the city is blessed to have, I will always regard Davao as one of the finest cities in the world today!

***Forgive my photos--not clear though. Am not good in photography(hehe!)but I hope to give better shots next time. God bless everyone!


sheng said...

Hi nyl!!! Thanks for the Visit!!!

Panaderos said...

The park seems to be a very popular place judging from the number of people who came to visit in spite of the evening hours. Thanks for sharing! I'd love to visit Davao someday.

Keith said...

Davao bloggers have enticed me to come see their beautiful city. I hope to come see it someday. In my visit to Cagayan de Oro, was discouraged by my host (Ohhh it is such a lonnnggg trip....) so to date have not seen it.

Nyl, thank you for keeping such a beautiful journal of your personal vision

Avee said...

was here tonight

prinsesamusang said...

what are those figures behind the boy on red? statues parang ganun? ang cool, pwede ba bumili nun tapos ilagay sa kwarto? lol!

bloom said...

nyl! taga davao ka pala. kala ko ur out of the country! haha. nosebleed kase ko sa posts mo! puro english! nywei, tagged you. :) punta ka sa blog ko! :)

Nyl said...

you are welcome anytime!:)

i took these photos on the weekend and so perhaps just very timely because it was family day.people enjoyed the lights inside the park even more. sure you will get to visit Davao...sometimes even when you don't plan things.it'll just happen.thanks my friend!:)

my pleasure to invite you all one day to see the beauty of the city.and oh!thanks for the wonderful compliment you give to this simple journal..Davao bloggers will not stop enticing you to get here in Davao until you come.:)

thanks for the visit..keep coming back!

the boy in the pic is my nephew. the statues behind him were sample artifacts of the tribes of Davao...just statues that replicate the natives of the city. sana nga pwede syang mabili at gawing display sa kwarto mo ano?hehe!if ever sa laki nyan baka matabunan buong room mo.haha!corny ng jok ko!

hahaha!uu namang bisaya kaayo ko!english lang gamit ko most often in all my entries to cater those who cannot understand tagalog or bisayan dialect. you know naman ang blogosphere..cover buong planetarium..:-)

thanks for the tag..it was fun!

JesuLalaine said...

oh this is great! I'll take note of this... we're planning to visit davao when we go back to the phils for a visit.. taga cagayan de Oro ko.. :)

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Annamanila said...

How come I didn't hear of People's Park when I went to Davao last? But then that must have been three years ago. Is it a new place in Davao? I hope I get the chance to visit again and see this proud and fun people's park. The pics are good enough to whet one's apetite. :)