Monday, August 18, 2008

In memory of Ninoy

Today is holiday in the Philippines as we commemorate the death of Ninoy Aquino. A friend,whom Ninoy had a conversation before he bravely decided to go back to the Philippines,showed their taped conversation about Ninoy's knowledge on the plot of his death on his homecoming. It was so moving when Ninoy spoke with much conviction. A character of a real hero who is never afraid to die for his people. And on August 21, 1983, while unable yet to land his feet on the ground, he was shot dead.

Ninoy's death was like Jesus Christ's death on the cross. Both with one common end--to save the people from their sins at the time of our Lord and to free the people from a dictator and crude leader at the time of Ninoy. All for the people and not for their own self interest. Both in a form of selfless act.

I hope when our real heroes died, our country's hope for a better society didn't die with them too. So help us God.


Keith said...

Nyl, I have read Corazon Aquino's reflections on that day. Her pain had been tempered by twenty years of slow healing.

Not being Filipino, I have to say I do not know what to expect when I look in on the lives of some country's heroes.

Of what I read, Ninoy was a spectacular man, and to know that he left my country, safety here in the United States says much for the power of his conviction at a time when there was so much turmoil.

Being an American, I would never experience this on the same personal level as someone from las Pilipinas, but know I have incredible respect for what I have learned of his life.

Thank you for sharing.

Keith said...

Note: the account I read was from 2003.

bloom said...

wow. nationalistic! i wish filipinos would appreciate our history more.. kids this days, hindi na nila kilala si ninoy. haay.

Nyl said...

thank you for your thoughts. i appreciate that very much. that of corazon aquino's sad reflection upon the fall of Ninoy was that of the same healing process that las Pilipinas is going through at the moment because of the war going on between her people.

it is even pathetic to note that what our national heroes were fighting for before only remains like history but was not given insightful learning experience. hence malpractice only by the present leader of our country.

yes, you're seems to me that only a few now advocate the importance of history in the Philippines. Students only learn them inside the classroom but not given much emphasis in their daily social interactions. iba na ang hilig ng mga kabataan ngayon. like you i am also wondering if they know anything about our Ninoy's life.

Panaderos said...

I remain a fervent admirer of Ninoy Aquino 25 years after his death. I still remember the day and moment when I found out that he was assassinated at the airport that would later bear his name. I remember seeing his body sprawled on the tarmac in that white shirt. He had come in peace but was met with violence of the extreme kind.

Regardless of what some critics who have the benefit of hindsight say about him, I will always be an admirer. Ninoy is a true hero in my book.

Nyl said...


Each time I remember Ninoy's conviction and principles, I couldn't help really but felt with immense admiration with such a man. yeah, you're right, Ninoy is a true hero. Thanks my friend for sharing your thought too.:)

Annamanila said...

That seems to be what so appropriate, all that we can cling to -- "SO HELP US GOD."

Sometimes (sometimes only, ha?) I feel we are God-forsaken.