Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SONA aftershock

I personally opted not to watch GMA's SONA yesterday though the t.v was just near my reach. I dunno', though I was being apathetic not to divulge myself over national concerns, still my nerve couldn't help but react with such dread when talking about government and political issues. However still I couldn't hide from its view..I cannot simply cover my ears to choose from what I only wanted to hear to what I actually hear around me. These are just some of the major reactions from the people of the Philippines after the SONA:

a. The use of English language in some part of her speech.
(oo nga naman..don't wanna elaborate, self-explanatory!)
b. Her expression of concern to the farmers.( hmm..really?)
c. The one peso split into halve per txt. msg.
( ano yan?parang kendi binigay sa'tin then silent nalang?)
d.Boldly reasoning out the "good"(?)(ill-) effect of VAT( Value Added Tax).

For a government like ours I wonder what is that SONA for?


Panaderos said...

The SONA sadly has degenerated into nothing more than just another piece of government propaganda aiming to convince us that life is a lot better than what we're actually experiencing.

I can't wait for GMA to leave office. She's an awful leader with one of the worst political instincts I've seen in any Philippine president. Just plain awful.

nyl said...

I say "amen" to you Pan.hayzz~~

ka bute said...

sawsss... di ko pinanood un. maffrustrate lang akow. hehehe

nyl said...

kaya nga lalo akong nafrustrate ka bute..di nga ako nanuod, nakarinig parin ng feedback, hanep talaga 'to si manay GMA.:P

atticus said...

nilagnat ako after the SONA. puro kasi virus ng gobyerno ang nalanghap ko. hehe.

thanks for dropping by my blog.