Thursday, October 2, 2008


I often hear people say that the most important and even hard things in all forms of relationship are faithfulness and honesty. Well I say,let's include tolerance. But I also say that it's hard...because tolerance includes accepting the most unacceptable characteristics of the one you love. It's when you realize that you have to bear with another person's temper without completely losing your sense of pride as a person. You realize that you can never change the way he/she is according to what's simply comfortable and ideal for you...all because along with loving entails sacrifice, and along with this sacrifice entails genuine feelings for people.

We simply don't tolerate people we care for, we impose discipline..but then after all's been said and will go back to the same old rule....I tell you...because you value these people...because you love your wife or husband..because you love your kids...because you love your friends.

Because you learn to tolerate because that's what loving your relationship with people tells you to.

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