Saturday, October 4, 2008

Confused Statue

We had fun roaming around 'crocodile park' when i noticed this statue in between cages of animals. I don't know why such figure is placed inside an animal park. But if i would have to infer the idea, then perhaps, just perhaps this looking confused statue in bowed manner has not yet able to reconcile with being an existent of this world--would he rather be one of the animals around him or would he be just like any other ordinary human being. Just my lousy assumption anyway!haha!

What about you?any idea why it's there or why like that?:-)


Nancy said...

hello here..salamat sa pag-agi...taga davao sad ko pero wala pa jud ko nakasulod sa crocodile park, hehe...

Annamanila said...

Well, siguro, it's a play on the "thinking man," na sobrang nagisip, sumakit tuloy ang ulo. :) But it does seem to be out of place where it sits.

Glennis said...

Maybe the noise from the caged animals is getting to this stone man and he chooses to cover his ears. Or maybe it is yoga practice time!
Cheers from New Zealand. I wonder if you might be the person I sometimes write to on travbuddies site also called NYl which is so close to my daughter Nyle's name?

Nyl said...

taga-Davao kaayo ko. this was actually my second time to visit crocodile park. my family and i had fun touring around. You can try visit the park when you get the chance. It's a cool place though i hate reptiles and predators you know.:)

haha!baka nga sumakit ulo nya sa kakaisip!hmm..ano naman kaya iniisip nya?hehe! definitely you're right at that, "it does really seem to be out of place.:)

hmm..could be the noise or the yoga..thats a good assumption!:)

wow!i just happened to have the same name as you're once familiar with but i sure do hope that you'll keep coming back to familiarize me too!hehe!thanks for the hop!:-)

manilenya said...

The statue represent a normal human being to me. We all do what he's doing except of course we don't physically act in a bowed manner (sometimes I do that).

Thanks for visiting cliffnotes :)

prinsesamusang said...

i am kind of confused too. maybe he's having a stomachache!

Leah said...

Maybe it symbolizes the man's surrender to the crocodile.

Nyl said...


you are correct at that...maybe i was just overreacting over the picture..kaya kung anu-ano ang naiisip ko. haha! you're welcome!


uu nga ano? parang may kung anong masakit sa katawan nya, kung di ulo baka stomachache nga..hehe


hmmm...perhaps it shows surrendering...haha!its cool somehow kasi we all have different funny assumptions.:)

titov said...

Before I comment may I know the owner of the park? Who funded for its construction?

Nyl said...


Regarding the owner of the park, that I don't know. I think that's one thing i missed when we went there,we never cared to ask who the owner is or funded for the construction.

the donG said...

quite odd. i can't think of a reason why it's there.

dio t'ama said...

It looks like he's in a repentant position. maybe signifying his horror for what the people are doing to the animals.

Also, he's in a fetal position. Maybe it's means the rebirth of man. Sometimes, the fetal position is attributed to fear, which means it's hiding from something.

the design gives people their own interpretation of what the statue signifies. maybe that's what the sculptor wants to express.

just my assumptions

chroneicon said...

crocodile park... near roxas boulevard?