Saturday, October 11, 2008

go back to basic

To go back to basic doesn't literally mean, you'll use sodium chloride, as in "salt" in brushing your teeth or make a fire out of friction between two heated stone. Going back to basic doesn't also mean you will no longer live like what you already have today and go back to being primitive.

I say "go back to basic" because what we learn in our elementary days might actually be what we just missed to apply in our day to day encounter with life and things. Well, I have not read the book "Things I've learned from Kindergarten" but somehow I've idea that my "go back to basic" can be assimilated. During my time, finishing kindergarten was not a prerequisite to enter elementary. Admittedly, I did not actually go through kindergarten..hehe!

For a life that is now too complex like prices of commodities go much higher and education becomes even too realize that even if you work and study doubly in order to get and learn things..your wants and needs however became even too complicated. And you still end up feeling frustrated at the end of the day. And so perhaps what our teachers taught us in our elementary days might probably the things we need to apply today.

To recount the things taught in elementary, here are few I consider as tips:

1. Learn to save.- If you only earn P7000/month, you may save P500 of it. Of course, you don't spend more than what you only earn (unless there are emergencies). So that you will still be able to enjoy that hard-earned money instead of thinking how to distribute your money for debts you will have to pay. One thing, don't invest things that your budget cannot afford. Acting on impulse is dangerous. Learn to hold back, stop and think.

2. Learn to share.- I have very little "baon" when I was in elementary and I even thought how could I share that. But I realized that no matter how little you have, that becomes big when shared. "Blessings will always look small when we hold them in our hands but when shared to others, it becomes great".

3. Respect your elders or others as well.- This is optional. Values formation is a behavioral pattern. It's the same as "what you sow is what you reap or do unto others what you want others do unto you".

4. Be Punctual. - Whether at work, an interview, a presentation or in school, be sure to get there on time. As an old cliche goes, " early bird catches worm". Stop adhering on the "the Filipino time" habit.

and lastly..

5. Learn about the Subject-Verb agreement.- I don't know if it has relevance to the previous tips I mentioned, but I noticed that our difficulty in constructing simple sentence often marked up on not being able to reconcile with our subject and predicate. Just go back to the basic grammar rules that "a singular subject uses singular verb and a plural subject uses a plural verb".

Well I sure hope that these "go back to basic" tips will do. Have a great weekend ahead!:)


batopik said...

oo nga. tama nga. life is complicated, but learn to simplify it. hakhak. :] wala lang..

.::. Vanny .:. said...

hmmm. so magkano ang dapat kong isave from my monthly salary? parang lost ako pagdating sa salitang SAVE. so guilty. im such a spender. :D

but at least i am not guilty in spending more than my salary, ayt? thanks to my company.. and to my daddy. haha

prinsesamusang said...

subject-verb agreement? wow i think many will benefit from that. the proficiency of engl in the country is declining na nga talaga eh.

pchi said...


wow, it's good that you are giving your tips a lot of tips these days nyl

continue that ha?

aabangan ko next posts po

mimi11460 said...

Ang dami mong saka Davaoenia ka pala correct me if I'm wrong..Thanks for the visit..

Annamanila said...

This reminds me of of what I read: that less is more.

Nyl said...


yep. we can simplify life in a way. only if we know needs from wants.:)


i was not good in saving when i was a student. but when i started to earn money on my own, i realized the value of it even more. though it's hard to make a budget nowadays coz of price hike but at least now i know how and when to spend my money. and that's still good for you that you're not spending more than what you earn.


only based from observation. and it's true that the basic grammar rules are already taught to us even when we were in our elem. days. i often hear some say that english is hard but they forgot to realize that there are things that can already be learned from the basic.


la lang..feel ko lang magbigay tips na naman. it's a good feeling to be able to share things that may be helpful for others. sure thanks gurl!:)


madami ba yung tips ko..hehe! uu taga-davao ako. bisayang dako.:-)


wow!i never thought that i could make the same idea (at least) to that of what you read. Hmmm..less is more--that sounds even more interesting.

bw said...

Great tips. We really need to get back to the basics to keep things in perspective :)

As for number 5, I guess we must never ever forget our "conjugation exercises" when we were in elementary hehe :)

Josiah said...

going back to basics is like saying going back to fundamentals. One author said, "there are no new fundamental. Fundamentals are old. If somebody says,"Hey I've discovered a new truth." you got to be suspicious of that person because truth is old. He just probably found a new way of saying it." Talking about fundamentals, I cannot help but think of a guy by the name of Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs. Tim is called Mr. Fundamental. His techniques are very basic yet very effective. Going back to basic/fundamentals is surely a great move for anyone of us - young and old alike.

Nyl said...


thanks for that!:-) oh yeah, i agree with you ..keeping things in perspective is very important otherwise we will lose touch with the reality. Hmm..'conjugation exercise' that's pretty cool to hear.hehe


you have a very wide reflection on things and i absolutely agree on that. the fundamentals of life are often the things we now missed because we are so overwhelmed with what's new or latest..we never really realize things until we stop for a while and go back to what's basic. I have not heard of that author honestly, but as you said about his view, I have my hat's off to him.

Josiah said...

his name is Jim Rohn.:)