Friday, October 3, 2008

Have you been feeling not secured in getting phone calls where owners' don't wanna be identified? In my case, I received phone calls before that really annoyed me. Attending to unwanted calls even kill our time by trying to figure out who they are. I think this time, something from heaven hears us grumbling over this case. Unwanted calls can now be traced. A phone number investigator Reports Annoying Callers to ensure that we must remain secure within our lot.

Whether the calls are pranks, from debt collectors, telemarketers, a phone survey company or maybe just a wrong number, we can now get easy access to identify them. After typing the phone numbers at the key "search", we can also send on our comments or suggestions about the unwanted numbers. We can now log on to for more details.

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chroneicon said...

hmm... this might be helpful. thanks!