Monday, October 6, 2008


A study has shown that one of the most fluent speakers of English in the world are the Filipinos. Roaming around the Blogosphere somehow helped me prove this theory. Most Filipino bloggers have great command of the English language, if we notice.

Education, being the American's legacy to us during their era of empowerment, has remained the most valued part of life's learning process for every Filipino family. We always believe on the idea that "education determines success in one's life". Some may not adhere on this belief "philosophically". But as for me, the formal training for learning is only through education.

I congratulate the Americans for their strong influence in the spread of the English language. But most of all, I salute the Filipino people for the great actual performance of the language.

Well, I guess this only goes to prove that Filipinos do get acculturated easily.


Enday said...


nag nose bleed ata ako?

natouch ako dun sa iyong komento.


Avee said...

hi sis, thanks sa visit oo nga it's been a long time di ako nagbablog hop talaga.

paborito ko din dati ang lovers in paris eh.

Nyl said...

walang ano man enday. ako'y tulad lamang ng mga sumusubaybay sa teleserye ng sa'yong kwento, isipin mong ako ay isa mong tagapanuod at higit sa lahat-- isang tagahanga!:)

Nyl said...

avz, life is like that--we have to prioritize some things. but the most important thing out of our busyness is that we never fail to stop and give our self a good break to be entertained.

manilenya said...

I saw Lovers In Paris. I am a die hard fan. Best Korean Novela of all times or Best Korean Original Soundtrack of all times. I remember I always play the soundtrack album when I was in Singapore and me singing all those Korean lyrics, with copy of course lol!

About your post:

I envy all Filipinos that can write and speak the English language fluently. I'm kind of boba in terms of that....heto ako nagpipilit lol!

ysrael said...

Korek ka dyan,in fact we are no. 3 after, of course the Americans and British. Sad part alam mo bang sa word board game na scrabble, napag-iiwanan na tayo ng Malaysia, Thailand at Singapore. Siguro sa vocabulary lang hindi sa pagsasalita.

Cecile n' Matt said...

thanks for stopping by, nyl :-) how are you?

Nyl said...


The story of "Lovers in Paris" was what made me really hooked up with Koreanovelas.hehe!Anyway, pareho lang naman tayo pagdating sa ingglisan, trying hard parin ako..hekhek! Kaya naman hanga ako sa ibng Pinoy na nahasa sa pag-iingglis saan man sya marating.


Mas marami lang sigurong alam na vocabulary yung mga taga-Thailand at Singapore pero pagdating sa linguistic performance, mas magaling parin yata ang pinoy. Some Asian counries do not actually have the correct syntactic command of English...kaya akala natin magaling na sila. But if you listen to Filipinos speaking the language, may linguistic competence talaga..kasi mas conscious tayo sa rules.


thanks too for coming back. I am doing well.:)

Bertong Balibag said...

thanks for dropping by my blog hehehe. nice one you got here. :)

remo said...

english is hard for me but i try.

Dabawenya Babe said...

walay labers in alamogordo diha? hehehe..jowk.

mustasa mi amiga? was na man tika nakit-an..asa man ka nagtago?

katcarneo said...

I've been teaching ESL to Koreans for more than two years now, and I have been asked by adult students many times if English is the primary language of the Filipinos. They were quite surprised when I told them that we have out own native language and English is only our second.

It's one of the good things that came out of the American occupation---now the ability to speak the global language has provided numerous jobs for Filipinos whether in BPOs, or in education. If there wasn't a demand for English teachers, I'd probably be jobless now.

And it's not just with the English language that Filipinos were able to adapt easily. All around the world our people are living and working and dealing with cultural differences quite well. We really are very resilient.

bw said...

English is the "business language" nowadays and it is a real bonus to be proficient with it. Thanks to being one of the Pinoy official languages and being the medium of instruction in our country. It is a definite advantage if you live in an English speaking country.