Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This is my story each time i start to sit down in front of my PC monitor. Most of the time, the PC would hang up and so i have to click refresh and if it won't work, i have to restart..ahhh! And to restart means waiting for another minutes to have it on because the system would run in slow motion. errr!may varicose veins na'ko sa kamay and my fingers are calloused..:0

But my story doesn't end there. As this has been part of my daily rounds, i've much realization about it. Isn't it that life is like that? It gives you a blow, then it would hang up and so to deal with it, we have to refresh our selves..restart things where we messed up with and click on a decision that might give clearer vision than the first attempt..enduringly deal things that are in 'slow mo' until we are able to surmount our own issue.

Refresh..restart..click is like an old adage that goes, "try and try until you succeed".


ardee sean said...

so technical and yet so in real-life.. :P

this one's deep...

neuroticsister said...

the hardest part of refreshing yourself and restarting things up when you definitely messed up is not the beginning of changing, not the first step, neither the end or hope of changing... the hardest part is the middle, when you see yourself in slow mo being stupid, a fool and falling into pieces... the hardest part is standing firm to your decision that you really want to change...

Nyl said...


thanks for the lift and for dropping by.:)


we all view things in a different perspective and i appreciate your reflection on this one.

just keep going when you find yourself already in the lurk of feeling sorry for all the mess in your life. we all are winners in our own battle against trials if we learn to fight.