Thursday, July 24, 2008


It's disgusting to have seen on t.v how the military officers rehearsed the anticipated scene on the day of GMA's State of the Nation Address (SONA).

The deployment of these military troupes on GMA's SONA day only goes to prove that the government that we have already obviously lose its credibility. Somehow, I can no longer count how many rallies took place during her SONA.

But seems to me that the government that we have already master the art of shame and pretense. Sigh! I wonder 'till when...i just couldn't wait.


Panaderos said...

I've often wondered if our military is only good for putting down internal threats rather than external. It is so ill-equipped to handle any external threat when compared to our Asian neighbors. That fact makes me wonder if its a military that's simply oriented towards waging war against its own people rather than a foreign invader.

nyl said...


Its sad that we have become divided in our wage for truth and freedom esp. during street protests against the government. And its a foolish realization yet true that while the government that we have makes the people even poorer, the military officers seem to have lose its significance in the society. And that instead of protecting our people,they have become a threat to the people only to protect a fool government...and in this context, somehow you're right.The military is simply oriented to waging war against its own people rather than to foreign invaders. Sigh!:(

Thanks for your insight.;)