Sunday, July 20, 2008

the story of a dried fish...

The commotions that could be heard from our neighborhood has already gotten me used to hearing, if not a heated argument bet. a husband and a wife, a woman bluntly reprimanding her young housemaid on what to do.

On one lazy afternoon, I found out from mother that the housemaid has been fired. I hate to eavesdrop a conversation esp. when it won't do me good at all. However, I couldn't help but listen to the reason why this housemaid got fired. She threw a leftover dried fish( the head part; sa bisaya pa- "ulo sa bulad"). Well as I overheard the conversation, my mother said that the woman(who fired her housemaid) came from an impoverished family back in the province when she was still younger and unmarried. There, she experienced exactly what life was in the midst of just having dried fish set on their table.

For some of us who might have lived in convenience, where food is served if not lavishly then just enough to satiate our appetite, surely we won't ever give importance to a leftover dried fish, considering its head part, one would probably laugh at the idea. And that the reason for firing the housemaid was only small matter. Perhaps, we'll find the woman being so antagonistic in a way. Hence, coming from different status in life, I realize that there is actually a very big difference from the level of importance we set for one thing than the level of importance others set for some thing, regardless. In other words, what's so little for me may not be exactly as little to others. Status quo in life do matter with the way we see things as small or big.

In my heart I empathize with the housemaid. Yet, setting importance for little things that may be big things for other, I tried still to understand the woman's sentiment..though her manner is such a cacophony to me, bluntly ranting her housemaid for the houseworks missed.

Sigh!If only that leftover dried fish weren't thrown.


Avee said...

yes ur right we sometimes realize the importance of things when they are not around anymore.

btw, i love dried fish my fave breakfast with fried rice and dip it in vinegar with chili wow yummy! oh I also eat the head.

hay i miss pinoy breakfast =)

Josiah said...

soo true. I came from a poor family as well and we value food as much. But now, the culture in the family is changing.

Thanks for dropping by my bloggie..

Anonymous said...

As we eat let us remember the hungry so we'll be more thankful to God for His blessings and conscious to help bring social justice to the poor.

titov said...

While throwing the "ulo sa bulad" is wrong, it is not a right reason to fire the housemaid.The master has the moral obligation to teach her maid about the value of food. Having been jobless the maid may not be able to buy food even "ulo sa bulad". The worst is if she has young children waiting for food on their table.

Nanaybelen said...

kawawa naman ang mga housemaid na may amo ng matapobre

nanaybelen-survivor mom

Lawstude said...

i pity the househelp. she does not deserve to be treated that way and her infraction does not warrant her outright dismissal.

if she want to sue her employer ask her to drop a line in my blog. i could help her.