Monday, July 7, 2008

thought that all commonly used is correct

When we are not conscious with what we say, we naturally go with the flow..with what is commonly used, regardless of its dictionary meaning. For non-linguist individuals, we are not aware with what is grammatically correct for as long as we end up being understood by the ones we are conversing with. But sometimes as non-native speakers of English, we have to put consciousness to our thoughts in the context of speaking to somehow avoid language barrier between two opposing point of views.

Now take a look of this sentence structure: "I eat my breakfast today." --the sentence is syntactically(deals with the rules or patterned relation that govern the way words combine to form a phrase) correct because the pronoun "I" is always followed by the base form of the verb in present tense. HOWEVER the sentence is semantically ( is devoted to the study of meaning) wrong.

To simply put it literally--"How can one eat the breakfast?". And so to make it clearly understood, it is much proper to say " I take my breakfast today". In other words, it is only a matter of choosing the right word to mean a thing correctly by replacing the word "eat" with the word "take".

Whew!kakaloka talaga ang English grammar ano?hehe!

But I hope this short lesson helps.;0)


enday said...

oo nga nu?..

hehe.. galing talaga ng mga tips dito. kakatuwa.

nagigising ang mga tangang tulad ko.


nyl said...

hahaha!loka-loka ka talaga enday..kaya idol kita eh..kuliiitt!hehe!

Panaderos said...

Very good post. Very good tip. People really need to pay closer attention to how they say things. :)

arnie said...

mejo naguguluhan lang ako sa sentence, kasi pag tinagalog mo,
"ako ay nag-aalmusal ngayong araw."
yun nga ba meaning non? tama ba? (sorry kung boplaks..hehe!)
ang hirap kasi present tense.

pero kung past tense mejo madali,
"I took my breakfast today."

Nurse B said...
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Belen said...

hehehe. naku madalas ako sa english mali-mali.

Panaderos said...

Hi. I tagged you and you can find the details on my blog. It's a simple one.

Thanks in advance. Take care. :)