Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yes, as in "PULL"

Pretty sure these translations are not meant for the foreign people who cannot understand our language/dialect. This is simply meant for us Filipinos who cannot follow simple instructions. Must admit it, sometimes we are not good at following what's instructed on our door steps nor conscious about it as long as we can get in. When the 'pulling' becomes 'pushing' or the other way around.. am guilty of this sometimes!hehe! And so can't blame the store owners even if they have to fill their doors with lot of translations.

And for this one..i don't think customers still have an excuse not to understand what they mean esp. with "PULL".:D

Happy 2009 ahead of us!


Nanaybelen said...

Nyl Happy New year! have award for you in my site. hope you like it

the donG said...

hehehe... totoo yan. dami ngang hindi sumusunod sa ganyan.

Panaderos said...

The sign still becomes an issue if the customer's illiterate. Hahaha :D

Happy New Year! :)

Keith said...

Maayong buntag, Nyl!

In Gary Larsen's comics, there is the Midvale School fr the Gifted. The door is clearfly marked "pull" but the boy at the door is pushing with all his might...

As for Bisaya, I remembner to say "gamay" to any questions that end in the word "bisaya" as most of threm mpredictably will ask "Do you speak Bisaya?"

I also learned to look for signs mentioning manok or lechon. I know in th]e market to ask the meat cutter for ginaling (spelling) na baka or baboy.

I know samok is not included in most affectionate conversations, and at breakfast, boiled saging goes quite well with guinamos prepared with tomatoes and onions.

aside from that, I do not know Bisaya. Salamat kaayo! I love visits to my blog!

bw said...

very true... ang dami kasi nating lenguahe to worry about - English , Tagalog at saka the local dialect.. somewhere along the way there is bound to be confusion hehe :)

katcarneo said...

There's this sign photographed by a citizen and posted on the internet that says "PUSH. If you can't push, PULL. If you can't PULL, we're closed."

At least they're clear.