Sunday, January 11, 2009

The New 7 wonders

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River: Philippines' Official entry for the New 7 wonders.
I thought of voting for the new7wonders of the world hoping i could vote for our entry here in the Philippines. But as I surfed online, saw that already comes up with the Official 7 Wonders of the World . I figured that the Taj Mahal of India and the Great Wall of China have really retained their crowns. These are the wonders of the world that I am so familiar with if would look back to my history subject as a student.

Anyway, its really hard to choose out of the so many wonders of the world. It makes us realize that God's gifts to mankind are so overwhelming. :)


the donG said...

that's true. it's still God that we can really be thankful of.

i like the subterranean river in the latest list but i believe that tubbataha could have been a better entry.

let's also vote for the coral triangle of influence which also includes the philippines.

among the new seven wonders of the world, i like the machu pichu.

Panaderos said...

Love that river. It should be made part of the new 7 wonders.

prinsesamusang said...

weeeee pupunta ko diyan sa feb.! i think last year pa lang i voted na as soon na malaman ko na meron, i think it was one way of being maka pinoy eh LOL i'm happy na ito nga numero uno! woooohoooo!

qiman's world said...

These pictures of Heaven on Earth are beautiful and help to invoke Heaven within us to. I love your choice.

bw said...

the Banawe rice terraces always made it to the list but I don't know why it's not there anymore. Hopeful the Palawan entry would make it :)

Hmmm..I'm not too impressed with the Colosseum in Rome. I thought the pyramids of Giza in Egypt was truly magnificent, coz it makes you wonder how it was constructed.

Hendrawan said...

I was so sad, none of my country wonder was included as new 7 wonders. :.(

ysrael said...

Hi, Dapat kasi may category, Sana yung mga constructed I mean gawa ng kamay ng tao duon sila ika-classified. Iba sa gawa ng ng natures.

batopik said...

WOW! Philippines talaga!

Nyl said...


alam mo, yan din ang unang pumasok sa utak ko nung nalaman kong on going ang voting online para sa new7wonders of the world. nung nakita na may mga gawa lang ng kamay ng tao, napaisip ako kung matatawag ba itong natural wonder, eh kaya nga natural kasi nature nga lang ang nag-form nito di ba? and when i saw the official 7 wonders coming out medyo di rin ako natisfied sa ibang napili.

agree with you..dapat may category.

Glennis said...

There are so many wonders it is too hard to choose, after all who has seen them all to make a true judgment? I would love to go see them all and more.