Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a chosen profession..

"A teacher affects eternity; you can never tell where his influence stops."
- Henry Adams

Teaching is not a childhood dream. When my mother told me about one instance back when I was still growing up, she said, "I mentioned her that I want to be a nurse". In the back of my mind, I smiled over the idea because I grew up so afraid of doctors' needles, of hospitals and more medical stuff. And so I started to wonder how did I ever come up with the idea of being a nurse as a child. Well, so much for that. I finished my college degree still not knowing where I would be heading. I took English as my preparatory to law school. But when i started with my first job as a tutor to rich kids and handled a 14-year old special child as a full time teacher to him, I realized that there is more to this calling. I forgot about the high dreams that would add me prestige (somehow) and be labeled(atty. or dr.) before my first name.

My first classroom experience taught me what it's like to deal with teens who are still groping for what luck awaits for them in their chosen course. And since I was assigned then in a far flung area some miles away from the city where I am used to, I had to adapt myself with the inconvenience that entails patience and perseverance. I managed my class in ways that I never wanted to see a single student just sitting in one corner out of shyness (when I used to be as a student) or of being uninterested. We used to have lively discussions that at every end of the day, I couldn't stop from thanking God for leading me to this kind of profession.

But I still have a very long way to go, I know. And that teaching doesn't end in the four walls of the classroom but it has to help learners get there exactly to where they want to be. Life is not about who we are as professionals but it's how we are to those we dealt with everyday: our values, concerns, motives and our ends in everything we do. It's more than the income that goes to our wallet or bank account. It's about touching people..it's affecting their lives and inspiring them to be better individuals if not best. It's letting them dream to their potentials as gifted and highest living creations.

I haven't been there. I haven't proven much to my learners to be too proud of it..but at least I aspire to get there. I remain hopeful.


ka bute said...

teaching, for me, is the noblest profession. goodluck to you! :)

the donG said...

"Life is not about who we are as professionals but it's how we are to those we dealt with everyday: our values, concerns, motives and our ends in everything we do." >>> well said. i can see that you'll be a good and passionate teacher.

bw said...

Teaching is a very noble profession. I am always boggled by scientists who stick to teaching in universities rather than enriching themselves with their superior intelligence, working in big corporations. THey love what they do it seems and that's where they get supreme satisfaction :)

Nyl said...

ka bute,

i agree with you..thanks for the good luck!:)

the dong,

i continue aiming. though i have proven my lot in so many instances already but still in my being amateur in the profession, i know i still have much way to go. Thanks dong!:)


somehow you have a point..intellectuals have more to achieve rather than just staying in the four walls of the university, however i believe that if you love what you do no matter how insignificant it may be to others, still it becomes the most significant to you. we only feel sense of satisfaction in our profession if we love what we do.

speed on bw!

katcarneo said...

Hurray to teachers!

That Henry Adams quote is one of my favorites. Here's another favorite "A teachers is like a candle---it consumes itself to light the way for others."

I myself have never intended to be a teacher--this was the last thing I wanted to be. But when I started doing it, I couldn't help but fall in love with the students and the job itself. Two and a half years later I'm still teaching, and I intend to get the necessary credentials to be able to teach in the classroom.

SOmetimes I get low moments, especially when my schoolmates have kick ass jobs in kick ass companies that give them fat paychecks. But I know for a fact that I am happy with what I do and nothing can ever change my mind now. I want to be a teacher, a real teacher, just like you. I want to inspire people, help them, affect their lives no matter how little. I want to share what I know and what I have. It's not just a job but a commitment, and I pray for strength and wisdom to be given to us teachers that we may perform our roles well.

Hurray to you and me and all the teachers in the world!

Nyl said...


you have a very inspiring note and its overwhelming that you enjoy the same career with mine. God bless!:)

Keith said...

Teacher Nyl, you inspire with your wonderful thoughts. My you never be spoiled by knowing too much about the impact you have on other's lives.

God bless you.