Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Resolution

When I say 'yes' when I only mean 'no' in the end..this is how bad i am when i am asked to make a promise. And at times I ended up disappointing people. Yes, I have my collective flaws. I am no hero. No more than the one you just come across with ordinarily along the street. I walk with clumsiness. Like a year older little girl still learning how to walk fast with good balance. I can't dance. I often shudder when i talk in front of many. I am not used to being the center of attraction. I am content to stay in the background. Some people despised me when I start to smile. Because I can't think of the right way to say "I can't make it" . Only because I can't afford to see their hurt look because I fail them.

Now I can only wish that I can make a New Year's resolution: to say 'no' even if it means have to disappoint them. As i welcome 2009, I want to thank God for all i've met along the way. And that even if i failed some of them at times..there are still warm greetings for this New Year that has reached me to feel enough that I am still rich..not with objects but with people and good friends who haven't left!

Happy New Year everyone!
Let's toast and cheer for 2009!
God bless us all!


Keith said...

Integrity is a fine concept. It means we pretend we are not fractured between our feelings and our actions. It suggests that the body is strong, and the spirirt is willing.

I was tgold that though the spirit is willing, the body is weak. Integrity as such is a pipe dream. Nyl, I pray that I achieve enough consistency to keep the love an respect of my friends and family.

I pray that the times I fail others is kept to a minimum. Maybe in that, I find hope of being a man that others would at least regard as a man of integrity.

I love your writing. God bless you.

Nanaybelen said...

Happy new Year Nyl!
God Bless!

bw said...

As long as you mean what you say, it is OK !

I wish you and your loved ones a prosperous 2009 !

katcarneo said...

Oooh, I also need to work on that SAYING NO department. Especially when it comes to relatives asking for money.

You know what, I'd rather that people tell me no from the start rather than say they can make it or they'll try and then not show up for a meeting or something. DOn't be afraid to disappoint people with that. After all, you can't be everywhere all the time and true friends would understand why you have to be MIA.

This is a very late greeting, but Happy New Year!