Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My sister's boots

My elder sister has been living far from us for years I can no longer count. Ever since she finished high school, she always has the drive to venture into things that interest her. And though my father was at first resistant about letting one of his children go, he has no choice. Later then he realized that seeing us his children already growing up looking for each of our goals in life, he learned to respect our decisions in life. My sister wasn't just content living in another city from from us, but she even went farther by deciding to live in a far away, strange, foreign land. For more than three years now, she is working in one of the hospitals in UK. Her first year there was full of adjustment. The place , the people and the weather, all new to her. But then finding her a very tough woman, she later then became used to it.

My sisters third homecoming was quite surprising to me. Saw her as very different woman now. Even more fashionable than the last time I saw her. Arriving home last December, wearing her cutie Boots and a black mini skirt with plunging neckline blouse, I was a bit fascinated and shocked. I saw the influence that the foreign land brought her. She has grown to be even more elegant with her looks. However, found her still not losing her simplicity in taste of food. Well, for sure she just missed the Filipino delicacies. OH, how i wish I can wear boots on dAY! I have one here but I still couldn't grasp the nerve to wear one.Haha!

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