Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Will it be Obama or McCain?

A day to go and it's election day in America. I can now feel the hotseat for the two opposing parties. Will it be Obama or McCain? Elections never excite me. And I won't even wonder why. Although it's good to see new leaders and new governance, still one fact remains~ leaders only have two options, they can either be criminals or saints to the appeal of the masses. But of course, who would want a corrupt leader? or a violator of its own laws?

And to all voters: Who you vote today will reflect on how your country will appear tomorrow. And so vote carefully. Well, I can only wish America a real good luck.. though I wish doubly the same for my country Philippines.


Panaderos said...

In less than 24 hours, I will be voting for the candidate of my choice. Like many others, I hope that people will take the time to vote their conscience and not to be swayed by groups with an agenda.

Nyl said...

I agree with you Pan and so good luck on you. I hope all voters will have the same principle as you are.

Take care!

the donG said...

finally result is out. it's obama!

Nyl said...

i knew it!my intuition is right.

thanks for the info dong.:)