Thursday, November 6, 2008

Critics on Michelle Obama's red dress

So what with the dress?! Is being fashionable obligatory for every President's wife? What an early and yet nonsense criticism!I just couldn't help but react over critics' reaction on Michelle Obama's gown on the Election night. Here's the news: All eyes on Michelle Obama's red dress.

And I was like wowww! Is this how shallow people have become to this day? And that even the subject of our intrigues only goes to prove that we have become too vane and skin-deep. We care so much on the physical aspect that we forget about real issues that concern people even more. I despise these people and neither will I apologize for my strong reaction against these critics. And I don't care if they're the most well-dressed and fashionable people on earth.

Can't we have more meaty issues other than talking about things that are skin-deep?


Icymar "Iceman" Tagimacruz said...

Hi I agree.. I don't know why other people does things like that..


katcarneo said...

Funny, I was thinking the same thing last night as I was watching the local news. They wasted a good three minutes just to talk about how President Arroyo made a phonecall to congratulate Obama, and that he was not available to take the call. And I was like, so what?

Jude said...

If your in the public eye you have to dress right that's just the way it is. I thought the dress was hideous and I felt bad for her especially when she stood next to Biden's wife. Whether we like it or not she needs to dress the part so she can represent the American public, she no longer belongs to herself, she made the choice. Everything any of them do from now on is fair game because they put themselves there. I wish them all the best, but they no longer belong to themselves, sad really.

Nyl said...


i just don't see something substantial with the issue..but I don't mean everybody to affirm with my view, anyhow. we all have our own judgments about things after all.


sad that news nowadays have become craps, i notice. they just overreact on things.


i respect your opinion but i only wish people won't be mean enough to make the issue as something really big. In fact, i don't see something wrong with her dress. I think sometimes we have to consider too that back then, she was never a celebrity or a public figure..i think she only became known because her husband run for Presidency. I only want us to consider her background first before we make judgments. Who knows if she's just a low-profile type of a woman who doesn't really care with what's fashionable?

However, your point as I said, I still respect. It's not really easy when you automatically became a public figure. You are not ready with how are people going to attack you both negatively and positively.

bw said...

These people have nothing better to say so they harp on trivial things. I thought Michelle Obama's dress was quite cool :)

Titov said...

I believe abortion issue is more meaty.