Thursday, November 20, 2008


Caught this little birdie one rainy morning. Must have been feeling cold already, hoping to find warmth or a good shed under the tree leaves. Shot is taken from my terrace where this tree is just some inches away. Well, I could only wish I made a clear shot of this "bird's nest".

I fear for them, nauubos na mga puno natin sa kagubatan. Pa'no na sila kung wala na talaga silang masisilungan.


Dudong said...

poor little birdie...kaya nga pag wala na silang bahay panu pa xa. they can live w/o human beings around, but humans can not live w/o them. pero parang sila ang dehado lage.

Hendrawan said...

yeah.. think back to nature cliff..

bwzone said...

Amazing indeed -where do these poor creatures hide during a typhoon? What about the deer, wild pig and other animals? I envy them coz they have dwelling places but no mortgages :)