Wednesday, November 5, 2008

raindrops on a leaf

"I thank you God for the rain."


the donG said...

so fresh. it reminds us of the daily blessings that we can get from God. so fresh everyday.

JoShMaRie said...

nice photo :)

Hendrawan said...

Sometime we - Indonesian - hate rain, it makes flood...

manilenya said...

same in the Philippines Hendrawan :)

Nyl said...

the dong,

yeah,you're right. everyday is a blessing.


thanks a lot!:)


ahaha!yeah, some people who experience great flood in their places despise the rain for coming..but it's not God's fault when we have already abused our nature by cutting trees and not taking care of our environment.


hahaha!you've seconded to guys made me smile.:)

Keith said...

Lady Nyl, from the land of durian: if you want to try other lengua, try lengua estofada, with gravy and green peas. a side of rice makes it splendid!

As for languages... Here in America, people will be impressed that you can speak two languages. But, if you want to read original writings of Noli Me Tangere or El Filibusterismo, I would encourage you to learn Spanish. :)

Salamat kaayo. I am always happy for your sharing