Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This blogging thing

I am not good in manipulating objects that repond to the evolution of high technology. My field of work is far from what we now call "modernization". In fact, I am already adept to using manuals that are already obsolete when compared to what are used in this present time. Once before, I was only content and happy to write my thoughts in an old used notebook as my diary. Now who would thought that my journaling of my personal encounters in life would be elevated by the technology of today?

Let's just say " i just stumbled one day into this blogging thing". One morning I woke up already having my own PC when once upon a time, I only long to have my own typewriter(haha!). Simple goal but God is so good and His blessings are simply overflowing. And though this time, the whole world knows what are in my thoughts and yet I still see joy in the package of it all by knowing new friends and different personalities in the world wide web. And that what a big supermarket actually there is that the world can offer. Thanks to great personalities I now know and the more wonderful people I will know in this blogging thing.

Enjoy your hop!:D


Kevin Paquet said...

Id be happy to be one of your blogging friends

ym: i.believe_11

you're tagged: http://pinoyteens.net/2008/09/philippine-education-deped-react/

Keith said...

I no longer remember how I found blogger. I do know I saw tjhe ability to express myself, anfd write on a regular basis.

I have beren on blogger since 2004, and I think my writing (and even my typing. LOL) have improved as a result.

I think learning to expres myself (even knowing others will be reading) has helped me a lot in clearing my head.

Nyl, you keep good thoughts, and I( am blessed you choose to share

bloom said...

:) ate nyyyyL! alabshu! :) hug hug! ur one of the few bloggers who cares.. :) mwah

Nanaybelen said...

4 months pa lang ako dito sa blogging, marami nang naidulot sa buhay ko. Dati- naii-stress, malungkot ang buhay ko pag tapos na ang gawain ko sa bahay pero nong nag-blog na ako, masaya at busy lagi ang utak ko sa kaiisip ng ipopost at ang dami kong tutuong friends na feeling ko mahal nila ako at nandyan sila para sa akin.
musta ka na nyl?

Mari said...

just blog away!

Annamanila said...

I also sort of stumbled into this blogging thingie uhmm 1.5 years ago and though I sometimes blow hot and blow cold I have the feeling I will blog until my fingers and eyes allow me too.

Blog on, Nyl. :)