Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i am

"I think, therefore I am", according to Rene Descartes.

I have always been feeling so lousy when talking about defining myself. If you notice my profile. Not that I am much too reserved as a person. Just that I prefer people around me esp. those who know me best to be the ones who'll tell me how I am as an existent being. I guess, what I can only afford to tell is that I am capable of something that "somehow" will make me equal to what God wants me to be. Well, sounds vague though. Please for those who find my idea unclear, "i apologize for that". (Tao lang!hehe!)

Well, what I only mean is that, "I can't tell exactly in words who I am, but my attempt to write about life here in general will, perhaps. People may find it weird but this is how I feel when you ask about me. However, I hope one day I will have my own popularize line like that of Descartes. Maybe then, it will exactly define me :)


the donG said...

i believe God shares His reatness in us in many ways.

Nyl said...

the dong,

you absolutely right at that.:)

Keith said...

Cartesian thought rests on the idea that the only thing one can know reliably is that if I am thinking, I must exist....

Of course there is the old variations... "Olfacto ergo sum" (I stink. Therefore, I am .)

Besides, being vague is alright. Stay vague, and let the multitudes wrestle with your ambiguity