Monday, September 22, 2008

My country's tomorrow

I do not possess any extraordinary power to foretell the future. I am not even good at predicting things. But as I see it now, I am starting to fear my country's tomorrow if I will have to envision it from how it is running today. Skilled workers are continually working and living abroad while the Philippines is left with amateur ones. I am starting to fear our shortage of medical practitioners esp. doctors and nurses. Nursing schools have been cropping up everywhere to cater numerous students who want to take up nursing ( for a single reason- to go abroad). We trained our students so well in the medical profession only to find out that they are prepared not for this country's future generation but for the foreign lands. This is not about being patriotic or nationalistic. This is about getting into the realization that we have become even poorer and will soon be the poorest with our resources in terms of workers.

We all practically would want to work abroad to alleviate poverty. However, I still wish that our government will work on the issue that my country is already suffering from shortage of skilled workers esp. in the medical profession and even teachers. If the continuing stream of sending workers abroad will not be controlled, I wonder what best will be left for my country's tomorrow in the next ten or twenty years?


Nanaybelen said...

No wonder, our government walang ginawa kundi puro mangbwaya. Balita ko nga pati daw ang earnings natin sa blogging ay papatawan ng tax.

Panaderos said...

The government should be taking some steps to control this brain drain but it has been very slow in doing so. In fact, I don't even see any tangible efforts to stem the flow of workers.

We are just saddled with too many problems at this point that I don't even know if we will ever be able to fix them. I don't mean to be pessimistic but too many of the problems we face have been around for generations and I see no indication that we are resolving those issues anytime soon.

Nyl said...


i feel your sentiment. so sad for this country that once fought for its independency.


The Philippine government never learn. Even when they are already aware that this brain drain thing has become alarming, still they never care as long as they enjoy our OFW's tax remittance.sigh!