Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I miss my phone

This is my favorite shot of Samal Island in Davao del Norte. Got this shot through my old Nokia phone, now no longer functioning. Hayyzz!I miss that phone. I always get good shots using it. It had been with me through all the times when I needed to capture moments. I guess it's true that you will only learn the value of one thing once it's gone. I wish I can avail another good phone like my old one some time before the year ends.


ka bute said...

me too. i'd like to have a fone na maganda ung cam. a cybershot perhaps will do. ganda nung photo mo. nakakamiss magbeach.

Nyl said...

ka bute,

thanks a lot. that's why i miss that phone coz it helped me gave a good capture of nature. favorite subjects ko sa mga shots ko ang beach. tagal narin akong di nakapagbeach..tama ka kakamiss nga.