Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Christmas countdown is on the airwave

wowww!the clock is ticking so fast. 92 days to go before hitting Christmas. now i've been thinking what i could possibly offer for my godchildren or magtatago ako!hehe! it's their day!kapag pasko talaga ang mga bata di mo matatawaran ang tuwa lalo't nakakatanggap ng gifts. well, Christmas is for everyone. let's not limit this occasion to children alone. but even though the holiday rush is yet to come, i think am starting to see joy each time i hear people starting to make Christmas countdown. i dont know if the holiday still excites some, but as for me, i feel like Christmas is the very time i see people in their best smile esp. when reunions with long lost relatives, family members, or even acquintances come.

i really do hope that we'll still see joy and magic about the holiday even though crisis is hitting in every corner. Godbless everyone! may we see hope in every day to find real meaning in life.


pchi said...

you are right!

crisis na jud karon, but even if our celebrations are simple, what matters is that we get together with friends/family

I think that's the best thing Christmas bring

excited na sad ko! countdown na!

Nyl said...

hi pchi!ako pud excited nako wala care bisan wala sulod bulsa. i think it's the spirit of Christmas talaga.:)