Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shrine Hills reflection

Last month was the feast of Sto. Nino. We went to Shrine Hills as it becomes my parents yearly ritual to go the this place where the image of Sto. Nino can be found. The down pouring of the rain was too heavy that I wasn't able to have my camera on. And so last week, I went back to the place to take a picture of it by myself hoping I could share it in here. Here are the views..i can only hope i got good shots.:)

The image of Sto. Nino in the middle..(the woman in red is i guess a devotee)

the wide open field..

stairway to the Shrine ...

another wide field with trees surrounding the area..

the Saints in black sculptures..
Going to the place will give you a very good reflection you need at times. Time when you want to stay away from the hush and noise around you and you need a place to hear the silence within you along with your faith. Have a great journey to all!take care!


vanny said...

wow! i think i can feel relax if i go there. nice place.

pachange url naman po thanks!

prinsesamusang said...

yan ang wala dito samin sa bataan eh masyado eh, mga lugar like that for refelction. hay. i think you really feel strongly about this place since bumalik ka pa to get the shots.

Keith said...

That place is gorgeous. I live so far from church, and after years of disappearing from services have found people in my church that take me to Sunday Mass. Maybe there is hope for my soul after all...

Nyl said...


it's been awhile, thanks for coming back. yep, this is really a very relaxing place, you'll love it when you get there.

Sure will change your URL, thanks for reminding.:)


I just knew that you're from Bataan pala. Well, yes, there is something about the place that gives me a very spot to take away the stresses from life. I feel like am so at peace along with my faith. Sometimes we need that--being away from the noise surrounding us everyday.hehe!


There is always hope for everyone of us who just won't hesitate to come to HIM. I know I am talking partly of religion. But then the God whom I know is a perfect God that He never condemns people who seek for conversion in life regardless of our differences in faith or religion. Well,that's good to realize that there are people around you who help you or remind you about where you last left off in service to HIM.

God bless keith!

bw said...

pretty serene, quite and clean. A great place to worship and meditate :)

katcarneo said...

Hey, where eactly is this place? Thanks!

Nyl said...


you are absolutely right at that!:)


This place is located at Shrine Hills,GSIS Subd. in Matina, Davao. The way there has curves and is elevated since it's from atop of GSIS Subd. You can also visit the place if you're just nearby the city.

katcarneo said...

Oh, Davao. So far....