Monday, February 2, 2009

My naive scent

If there's another thing I find myself funny and even silly, it's the naivety that I seem to have over things that some people labeled to be "branded". To be honest I am not the type of woman who knows so much about beauty products. My being a late bloomer of course is no excuse(haha!). That's a confession. Just that I am confined into what's conventional in my own viewpoint. A Lipstick or lip shiner and some face powder are the only women thing that I am used to wearing when I go out. And about this Talk Perfume thing, I use cologne more often than perfume. Strong scents would at times cause me headache.

Talking about naivety, well, I don't know if that's the right term but there's this funny story about my first time to have tried a quite expensive perfume. That was actually a gift to me from my cousin who just arrived from working abroad. He gave me this big bottle of imported perfume. Well, since I wanted to have it consumed than just preserving it as a collection and so I tried to use it almost every time I was out. But then as minutes would passed by, I wonder why I no longer felt its scent on me. And so what I did was that I kept spraying that perfume on my body until I realized that after a week, the bottle was already half empty. Oh, well,only later then some experts told me that there are expensive perfumes that you won't really smell its scent by yourself but just other people near you can. And I was like "wow!" when I realized how some men that would passed by me, looked at me at times like wanting to devour me. The bad thing is that I had no idea if it's about my perfume that might have caused them headache for its strong scent or something else because they were not talking in the first place! Now I've learned my lesson. I felt so embarrassed over that fact. Whew, my naive!:O

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