Saturday, June 14, 2008


Bystander,according to , is a person who watches but does not take part ; a nonpartipant spectator. In tagalog we may call it "tambay" and we associate it with being jobless. An onlooker who only perceives but does not act.

In the Philippines, out of million Filipinos, I guess we have half or more whom we consider as "tambay". For so many reasons that I no longer would want to elaborate. Are we going to point our fingers on this to the government? well could be, but not totally though. Talking about governmental issues is the most tiring , nonsense thing in the world for me. They simply suck! Anyway, I only mean that we don't put all the blame to the government the stern poverty that we're facing because only us can change the course of our fate. The government will just be onlookers...a by chance spectators of what we can do for them than what they can do for us.

Looking at the Philippine setting today, I wish to mourn for all Filipinos who belong to the poverty line...I am infact not an exception to that! If even employed ones would fall in line under the scorching heat of the sun only to avail the lowest variety of rice-- NFA, how much more are the thousands of us who belong to being jobless and earns very little to sustain our daily and very basic needs! We produce many graduates each year and yet I guess only 15% get to be employed. The rest remains "tambay" still waiting for their own pot of gold.

If this crisis on the oil and rice hike will not be resolved. I can no longer imagine what will become of the Filipino people a year or more from now. Happy person baya ko oi, pero sa ako nakita sa ako palibot, magguol naman pud ta maghunahuna oi!


fionski said...

Whenever I leave for work, I could only shake my head in disgust and disappointment because I see a lot of tambays in our area. I can't imagine how they can feed their families with their lifestyle? Dami kasing pushers dito, so I guess that's how they can live without working.

Archie said...

every country has this corruption problem i think, bcos of that.. nation ppl has to bear the suffer... Money will change ppl mind $_$

tapsiboy said...

di bale ng tamad, di naman pagod!


wITChy Boop said...

Do you have plans of going abroad?
Why not?
I used to be patriotic but really as of now, nawala akung hope.
But when wish granted by God,
I would still comeback and die here in our country.
Pero kabawo ka, I keep on advising younger ones to go out really.
Life here is getting worse.

I love your bisaya. Maka-relate ko