Sunday, June 1, 2008

a lousy sermon's greatest lesson

I could no longer recall when was the last time I woke up early to hear Sunday mass. But this morning,I did. My heart's telling me that I must.

And so, on one fine Sunday morning, I got myself ready to hear mass. The sermon of the priest went on. But as he ended it..I told myself, "it was a lousy sermon." But then in the back of my mind, I was trying to erase the idea. There is no such thing as lousy sermon, for in whatsoever ways that the priest had made his reflection of the Gospel reading appeared to be..I felt so ashamed and guilty to have realized within me that I shouldn't react that way. I kept telling myself that if I want to be one with God and His people, I must be at the church, feel the Eucharist, regardless of the priest's sermon or the churchgoers' nuisance within the house of the Lord.

And so the next time around, I've learned my lesson. And that I must listen carefully to the message of the Gospel and pay an even more closer concentration with the mass. And that I am in the house of the Lord to renew my faith and strengthen my relationship to HIM, whether the sermon of the priest appears to be lousy or not.

I think it's not about the lousy sermon..but it's about the lousy churchgoer as me. ;0(

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