Saturday, June 28, 2008

Love letter in the sand..

Once upon a time, love found its way to me through the cyberworld...

To my dearest,

Lately I have just been thinking about my life. I am not certain just how you came to mean so much to be the reason I smile every day. More and more, I feel the desire to be with you, to love you, to hold you. I may not be perfect but I believe that you and I are perfect for each other, even with all of our collective flaws. I am so content with comfortable with you. So I guess I am trying to see that I am so serious about us. I want you and all that comes with you being you. I am happy to be your man, proud to call you my lady.....and soon....I want to call you something else.

Sweetheart I am going to interview for a job this weekend (Friday) in Texas. So although I may not be on much, I am still thinking of you. I hope that this letter puts a huge grin on your face and that you feel that love that emanates from my soul as I write to you.

Say a prayer for me. I love you so much!

With my love and devotion,

*****Unfortunately, that love didn't pursue. All his letters remain like love letters in the sand. All been easily wiped out by the splash of the sea wave. And though it hurts, there are just love that's never meant to be.


gillboard said...

this was how i wrote back in the days of love letters...

puros pambobola!!! hahaha

nyl said...


arnie said...

aww! that might be painful.

> Vanny said...

awww. sad. sooo sad.. :(

Shoshana said...

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Shoshana said...

OMG, you're going to be in Texas? Make sure to come and visit Dallas, okay?

Janjie said...

haaaiii.... kasi naman... hehe... maybe it's really not meant to be. I know God has someone in store for you... baka mas maganda pa magsulat ng love letter kesa jan...hehe