Sunday, April 12, 2009

touch of nature

I always imagine myself living in a house filled with wooden interiors like that of a rustic furniture . I love nature and having these kinds of stuff around me make me feel like I have always been very closed to nature. I don't know if I am just being influenced by the fairy tales I watched as a child back then where most princesses from the story that I read lived in a wooden house with wooden furniture in it. But ever since then my interest really goes to having furniture with very good carvings and are looking personalized. In my thought of buying a new house, I am very particular with its interior design being etched with wooden objects or anything that would make me feel closed to nature. And so while I am in my search for wooden things that might have a certain touch of classic I found these end tables for my living room very interesting. I wish I c0uld suggest the same thing to my other members of the family and hopefully they'll agree with my taste. (hehe!) Well, I know in my heart that I have good taste with things and I can make my house looking personalized with a look of classics and elegance. And so, maybe one of these days I will have my interior completely designed with wooden furniture just as how I still imagine myself like one of the princesses in fairy tales. :)