Thursday, April 16, 2009


I went through series of trials lately where I have to deal with my patience. Things that seem to be inevitable yet we have to be in control and stay calm in order to hold on still and keep that focus.

Yes, "Patience is truly a virtue".


the donG said...

patience is not just a virtue. it is a great virtue evryone should practice.

i hope that you get to overcome whatever trial it is.

Nyl said...

i will dong, thanks for your kind notes.

bw said...

was it Buddha who said that " the greatest prayer is patience"

batopik said...

"Patience is truly a virtue...that Batopik doesn't have." awooo!

pero kelangan magkaroon!!!

katcarneo said...

God has given you opportunities to be more patient, and hard as they are, such trials will only make you a better person.

All the best, Nyl.