Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Davao City's Hotels and Restaurants

I remember the first time I worked for an online business office. The first and challenging task given to me was to research about the different kinds of hotels and restaurants in Davao. I thought of it at first as an easy thing to do since there are online information out there that may make my research easy. But then along the way, I realized that it wasn't that easy. When I had to scout each area where these Davao hotels may be located and figured out myself what they cater. And under the scorching heat of the sun (since I was only commuting to get to the area), I had to work on this task before reaching the deadline that my boss gave me.

Davao has many hotels that are not actually far different from big cities. We have Marco Polo hotel that is just located at the heart of Davao with only 20 minutes travel from the Davao International Airport and Waterfront Insular Hotel that is only 10 to 15mins from the DIA. Actually, these are just two of the very good hotels in Davao as part of my research. There are more hotels even offering very good discount. That didn't took me really long to work for that project and for that office. I have to go back to where my heart belongs. However, after that project, I hope that the amount compensated for me and the sweat I earned during the research paid them all.

It's summer here, for sure a lot tourists will be looking for the best hotel to stay in Davao.


prinsesamusang said...

gusto kong pumunta ng davao!

Nyl said...

ayy!cge musang..try mo,nice ang city namin.:D

katcarneo said...

Ako din! I want to go all over the Philippines before venturing to other countries. Davao, is of course, on the top half of my list. I hope to stay in one of those hotels one day.