Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's wrong with Ombudsman Gutierrez?

Lately Ombudsman Gutierrez has reached limelight because of the issue tossed to her by almost everybody. And now, she's asked to resign. Well, I do not know this woman personally so still i have no right to fry her with intrigues. However, i was just kind of appalled with how she responded during the investigation done at the Senate when she was being questioned with regards to her duty as an Ombudsman and with the issues she's going through.

More of Gutierrez' responses were like just coatings in a cake. Para bang, the best defense for her is also to say something negative against these people who filed impeachment complaint against her.

Why can't she just go straight to the point and answer her case? like what happened to her investigation esp. on FG's case?

Kung di sya guilty bakit nya parang minamani ang utak ng mga tao na para bang mas may tinatago sya. Why would she keep on talking about other people when she's the one being put into question? Naalala ko tuloy entry ni batopik. Ganyang-ganyan sya nung sinalang sya sa senado.

Hayyy, nakakasayang minsan ng oras when talking about this kind of issue. But sometimes we have to raise our point about things.


Xpresi Riau Blogger said...

Hallo, how do you do..

Hendrawan said...

Wew.. nice to drop here agaian..

batopik said...

yan nga ang problema sa atin eh,
alam mo na ngang guisado ka..sige ka pa rin sa pagtanggi kahit sunog na sunog ka na. ayaw pang umamin, pinapaikot lang ang istorya hanggang sa mafocus na sa iba yung topic.
hay nako!

the donG said...

"Kung di sya guilty bakit nya parang minamani ang utak ng mga tao na para bang mas may tinatago sya. ">>> that's true. at confident pa siya.

prinsesamusang said...

LOL maybe the right title should be what's right with the ombudsman LOL

bw said...

No time for being "pikon" in government. That is a childish behavior unworthy of someone in such an important public office.