Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am living in my own country and yet it's ironic that it has become uncommon to most Filipinos to have not gotten a passport.

One time, a good friend of mine asked me if I already have my passport. My answer is direct and simple. I told her I have no passport yet. And then she said, "Oisst!bilisan mo na pagkuha ng passport mo kasi dumadami ang pila ng tao sa DFA. Baka mahirapan kana makakuha lalo na sa panahon ngayon. Medyo matagal na daw nila niri-release ang passport, will take a month na raw." And I just nodded. However, this to me is something that I feel actually odd because I am starting to feel like an alien in my own country only because I do not own a passport: a passport for leaving the place I call home.

The impact of people saying, "kuha kana ng passport mo,dali!" is a simple insinuation of eagerly leaving this poor country "one day soon". And it's sad. I, myself hope to be working abroad one day. But I never thought that i would be starting to see almost all things pathetically in my own country.

I can only hope and pray that even when we have to go to find better opportunity abroad, we'll still see ourselves retiring in our own land one day.


Keith said...

Nyl, there is no reason to feel bad for not needing a passport to elevate your spirit. A passport is only a tool, and one not need make it a symbol.

If the day comes, you want to join the jet setters of the world, it will become worthwhile to have your passport

Xpresi Riau Blogger said...

Come again.. sometimes I must be need it...