Saturday, March 1, 2008


now i've fin'lly realized that i should love myself even more this's good that we have to wallow in teaRS for all the hurts life brings...but everything ends right on time...nothing is just coincidence...things are really meant to happen..a wake up call if i may that the next day we'd be better individuals.
it's true that there are things in life just too hard to fathom...might be even beyond our logical ways of thinking ...and we end up feeling sorry for ourselves...sumtyms it's hard to imagine that in letting go...a part of us wants to hold on still..might just want to pick up the pride..yah!..our mind is set on the thought that there's gonna be a lot of things to give importance to other than this feeling...but to make a reality check...there's still this soft spot in our heart hoping for the impossible?
...if it is baseless then it's not meant to happen...i mean the hurt...but what if i couldn't just find reason? ahh...there must be a reason...just don't wanna disclosed it on the other side...sumtyms i wish i know what the other person is thinking...yah...i really do wish i've crystal ball, sumthing magical so i can view the other side....maybe it'll give justice to what i'm feeling right now...but why ca'nt i just accept the fact that it's meant to happen...when i need not know why coz it might hurt even more if i'd realize.'s not always logical when things happen...the world we live in is not perfect..what more are the inhabitants, right?

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