Tuesday, May 3, 2011

step yes, step no..

'Been thinking about the RH Bill, now being the talk in my country of whether it should be passed or not. I wish to be direct with my views on it. While most of my friends are pro to this idea, I ,on the other way around, have been giving a second thought just how this bill might bring effect to a Christian country. Well, this is not mainly about religion, but i guess this is about really trying to figure what ill-effect this idea might give to our growing up teens. The misconceptions about thinking of contraceptives as an easier access to get into sex even more.

I don't know. It's hard to talk about morality in a sense. But really, the more we have become practical about our views in this present time, the more our values drifted into oblivion. It seems to me then that the passing of RH Bill might only make us a sorry Christian country. Well, in fact, we're almost there. It's just that we're good at hiding in a Christianity's cloak and think the other way.

Some might have already practiced the use of contraceptives, long before it knocks the mind of Mr. President,but this bill seems like it is as literally and as easy as telling your people,young and old, "It's ok to have sex..there's contraceptive, anyway."
The sad thing is that they're not hundred percent guaranteed to be safe. I am handling 6th graders, sometimes finding them so intimate to their crushes and young sweethearts on social networking site, if they are misguided and not educated well about this idea, I swear, they'll have their lives miserable as early.

Go figure..I must say. But really, there's but only one reason why the bill comes out into the open, POVERTY.

However, the real issue depicting poverty is not really the growing number of population in one's country. BUT I guess poverty resulted because people haven't resolved irresponsible parenthood nor the powerful's relentless and greedy response to every individual's economic status.

May God bless us all.