Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ms. Philippines got 4th in Ms. Universe'10

It's been quite a very long time since the Philippines hit a good mark in the Ms. Universe pageant. This time, even if the 22-yr-old Ms. Venue Raj didn't make it to the title, still I am proud with the rest of the Filipinos that she made it to the list which is way closer to being Ms. U.

The question during the Q.A was actually very typical. Sa isip ko nga, parang di naman todong pang Ms. U ang tanong sa kanya, parang pang question lang sa essay type ng testpaper para sa mga mag-aaral. Ms. Raj could have answered it more than what we expected to hear from her, however, her being calm and in good posture as she answered it, panalo narin yun, even if I am not quite satisfied with the answer. :))

Still, a big applause to Ms. Venus!Keep it up!

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